Brandy Library
25 N. Moore St.
(bet. Hudson and Varick)
American (New), Bar
More fancy than casual

The Brandy Library feels like you’ve entered an adults’ version of Clue, passing through a secret door in the conservatory and into a swanky, masculine room dedicated to the art of tippling. Liquor aficionados will be in heaven, or maybe hell if they have a hard time deciding—the bar’s collection is vast. (If you find yourself wanting to learn more, you might consider enrolling for one of the Brandy Lounge’s Spirit School classes.) The mood is very grown-up, with jazz on the stereo (or maybe a pianist at the piano), no groups over six, a minimum drinking age of 25, and a no-baby policy. Seating is limited, but the bar does take reservations. There’s a menu of hors d’oeuvres to help with the alcohol.

Brandy Library