Seen & Heard: Battery Park Carousel

••• I walked Howard down to Battery Park the other day, and I was pleased to see the Sea Glass carousel coming along.

••• And on the way back, we stopped to admire the refurbished Corbin Building on Broadway. That’s it at right (it’s just south of the under-construction Fulton Transit Center).

••• I hadn’t noticed that fashion stylist/designer Nicola Formichetti—you may recall his pop-up in the fall of 2011—has opened a street-level office on White Street, housing Studio Formichetti and his “new media creative lab” TwoHustlers.

••• Last weekend, a guy in City Hall Park (who undoubtedly recognized me because I was walking Howard) yelled “Love Tribeca Citizen!” at me, which made my day—although I was deep in my own head at the time, so I’m not sure I expressed my gratitude. Thanks!

••• Last week’s Where in Tribeca…? remains unsolved. I thought it would be an easy one…. I’ll post the answer this evening.

••• I dined at Siring Asian Grill—the new fast-casual restaurant on Broadway, just below Worth—today. The room is pretty spare, but nicer than when it was Sushein—the pink and the conveyor belt have both been removed, and there’s counter and booth seating. At the food counter, you choose a base (I chose rice instead of noodles), a protein (I opted for tofu, but if I were eating meat I’d get the turkey meatballs, because they looked good), a vegetable (I went for eggplant), and then a sauce (peanut), and a topping; lettuce gets added. The people working there were nice—when I said I didn’t want all that rice, they offered to give me extra lettuce), and I’m a fan of sriracha being readily available, especially when I order something like tofu. P.S. It’s pronounced see-ring.

Siring Asian GrillSiring Asian Grill facade

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  1. The Corbin building is just gorgeous.
    Shame it will be part of the Fulton hub, really wished it would be residential…

  2. Thanks for covering us. I am the owner of Siring Asian Grill. I hope that you enjoyed your meal. If you ever swing by again, please introduce yourself!