A Portfolio of Street Photography

It was while looking at Margaret Dessau’s and Craig Bagno’s photography that I realized how unadventurous I was—I almost never shoot people on the street, and since I’m always walking around with my camera in my back pocket (the lens imprint in my jeans looks very condom-y), I had no excuse. I vowed to attempt more street photography, or candid photos involving people—heaven knows I take enough photos of streets, sidewalks, buildings, etc. Here’s what I’ve come up with… so far. Someday I might actually take a photo of someone’s face.

street washer2 on thomas 92012 spruce street 6612 purple woman 7912 La Colombe dog desbrosses 61812 butterflies 72312 bowery plastic bag 62512 amnesty international 62612



  1. That second shot is fantastic!

  2. Great shots, but where are the snarky captions?!?!

  3. Love the butterfly girl!

  4. Lucky butterflies

  5. That’s my neighbor working the Kettlebells!

  6. Love the first and second shots. Fantastic thank you.