Seen & Heard: Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop

••• NYC Yogurt is coming to 299 Broadway.

••• Saffron Fresh Indian appears to have changed its name again, this time to A Saffron Thread Fresh Indian.

••• New Amsterdam Market is holding a rally at City Hall on Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m.: “This is our last chance to stop the mall developer’s plans to destroy the iconic, city-owned Fulton Fish Market and replace it with a luxury high-rise complex whose details have not been disclosed to the public.”

••• No signs of work at Peace & Love. Kind of have to think it’s over, despite protests to the contrary.

••• Something called “The Black List” is filming somewhere around here (I can’t remember where I saw the flyer) today—there’s nothing about it online and the production company appears to do mostly commercials. And something called “Tommy” (no word on IMDB so I’m guessing it’s a Hilfiger ad) is shooting in northeast Tribeca today. And a TV pilot called “The Ordained” is shooting in southeast Tribeca on Monday.

412 greenwich garage••• The garage at 412 Greenwich is on its way down.

••• As is 12 Warren, by the looks of the plywood around its ground floor.

••• I made a joke that the Adidas pop-up on Broadway was about nail art, because the images in the windows looked like press-ons—and it really is about nail art! Why, I don’t know/care.

••• The check-cashing store (right word?) on Chambers—in the same building as where Carl’s Steaks was—appears to have closed. There’s a legal posting on the gate about payment of rent and another sign directing customers to other check-cashing shops in the area.

••• The folks at 77 Reade planted a tree outside. Maybe that means something is happening to at least one of the retail spaces.

tree on reade



  1. The Blacklist letter mentioned it being a pilot. For NBC, I think.

  2. 77 Reade is going to be the new space for the preschool-enrichment center Reade St Prep, formerly Fastrackids.