Seen & Heard: Kelvin Natural Slush

••• File this news away for warmer days: The coffee bar at Whole Foods Tribeca is now offering Kelvin Natural Slush drinks.

••• I was asking a local restaurateur how come his place isn’t on Seamless—which I have liked for the convenience factor—and he explained that the economics are just too painful; the company takes a substantial cut even though it doesn’t do a whole lot. (I wish I had written down the numbers, but I didn’t. If anyone out there knows them and wants to share, please do.) He said people can order online through his restaurant’s website. I asked whether people who are fond of certain restaurants should order directly, either via phone or the restaurant’s website, and his “yes” was wildly emphatic.

••• Blue Moon Fish and Stokes Farm return to the Tribeca Greenmarket tomorrow.

••• From Space on White: “We’re going co-op! After four incredible years as a blank canvas for downtown performing and visual artists, we’re partnering with creative & innovative companies to give them ongoing space to nurture the next generation of artists. We welcome these companies as they make Space on White their permanent home for artistic growth and expansion, and thank all of you for being part of the Space on White community! […] As of April 1, we’ll also be boasting fresh renovations to make our space spectacular for spring!” Jemz will indeed be one of the companies involved.

••• Nicole commented that Quest has gone back to being Remix. No word on whether “amateur” stripping is still among the offerings.

••• From the LMDC LMCC LMCCC: “This Saturday, March 23rd, the annual electrical-generator test at 200 Vesey Street will bring intermittent closures to the Vesey Street pedestrian bridge over West Street. The work will be performed between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., and during the power interruptions, security will redirect pedestrians to the nearest at-grade crossing.”

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  1. Which means you have to walk two blocks back to Murray to cross going west because for some reason they refuse to reopen the vesey street crosswalk. There is no reason for that crosswalk to still be closed.

  2. Seamless take a 15% cut of any check. If restaurants try to mitigate that huge percentage by charging more for Seamless orders, Seamless fines them. 15% is a huge percentage for such a small margin business.

  3. Very interesting about “Seamless” and it’s too bad because it’s a service that is convenient and efficient. I’ll think twice now.
    It also makes we wonder about the fee that “Open Table” levies on restaurants. It too is very convenient and offers the incentive of dining cheques. But is that money better off in our hands or the restaurant’s?