In the News: Denny’s Is Coming

••• A Denny’s is indeed in the works for 150 Nassau, and it could be open 24 hours. Residents aren’t happy, and rightly so. If you’ve never been to a Denny’s, they’re awful. —DNAinfo

••• The Hummus & Pita Co. on Chambers (between Broadway and Church) is opening tomorrow. —Downtown Lunch

••• “Tribeca’s Skylofts Penthouse Now Asking a Mere $44 Million.” —Curbed

••• founder David Wilkenfeld is suing over the $13 million penthouse he bought at 200 Chambers: “In a suit to be filed in Manhattan Supreme Court this week, Wilkenfeld now claims the seller’s broker, Platinum Properties President Daniel Hedaya, lied to him about the sky-high pad’s square footage, common charges and real estate taxes. He wants to be reimbursed a whopping $2.08 million—or four times the broker’s commission—plus the difference between $13 million and the penthouse’s actual value based on, among other things, the claim that it’s either 96 or 152 square feet smaller than the 4,700 square feet he alleges Hedaya said it was.” —New York Post via Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “The Department of Buildings has condemned [twice-burned] 140 Fulton Street and ordered it torn down.” —DNAinfo

••• “At the turn of the last century, Manhattan’s Lower West Side was a bustling hub of life for Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian immigrants who set up shops and moved into tenements in a community known as Little Syria. Now, there is little left marking the old neighborhood [….] But advocates are lobbying the Landmarks Preservation Commission to change that.” —Wall Street Journal

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  1. I’ve never been to a Denny’s, but since you first posted about this I’ve mentioned it to others, and it’s as if they just don’t want to ponder it. Really? That bad?

  2. Love the idea of a Denny’s. That space has been vacant forever.

  3. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I am not against a Denny’s per se(I don’t love these chains invading the city, but how can it be stopped?). What I would be concerned about, if I lived right there, is the 24 hour Denny’s. The 14th St IHOP needs security guards late at night, and the newer West Village IHOP has been robbed already. I think there are some valid security concerns about such a place in the location they are renting. Plus, these high volume chain diners sometimes have interesting and unforeseen issues. Look at the struggle that the 14th St neighborhood has had, first with the extreme bacon smell from the IHOP, and then with the noise from the air purifier used to alleviate the problem. If I lived in the building I sure as hell would not support it, and if I lived in the immediate neighborhood, I would be a little uncomfortable with the idea.

  4. Denny’s is horrible. Embarrassing. Sub-Friendly’s. Grade Z meat. Food for young and drunk suburbanites. Also, a history of racist serving policies, for which they were successfully sued.

  5. That strip of Nassau St. is dingy so wny not put a Denny’s there?? Denny’s fits right in! I for one would welcome some inexpensive pancakes!

  6. Easy enough for the residents above to fight the liquor license when Denny’s applies via CB1, no? And fight the 24 hour status?

    Also: Not sure why Denny’s wouldn’t want some of the vacant space on Fulton, where all the other chains are, and seem to belong, as Fulton is becoming a stretch for WTC tourists. Plus, when the Pace students are on break in Jan and July-Aug, there’s absolutely no foot traffic on and around that block of Nassau.