Au Revoir, Capsouto Frères

capsouto freres 13013It’s inarguably the end of an era: Capsouto Frères, which opened in a gorgeous old spice warehouse at Washington and Watts in 1980—thirty-three years ago—is calling it quits. The damage from Sandy was too much; co-owner Jacques Capsouto has been vocal about the lack of financial support after the storm, and I’ll expect we’ll hear more in the wake of this news. (I’ve reached out.) The 8,000-square-foot space has been listed with Town for $35,000 per month.

I went for lunch about a year ago; the soufflé was famous for a reason.

I’m sure a lot of you have stories about the restaurant. Please do share them.

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  1. This is so sad. The Capsouto family have been such great neighbors for so long. i was really hoping they would reopen.


  3. So sad! Our ‘go to’ restaurant. Always delicious. It will truly be missed.

  4. So sad. Spent several birthday celebrations there

  5. It was a wonderful restaurant, we will miss it very much.Sad to hear!

  6. Best time we had there was the wedding of friends–and now their oldest is in college! Great restaurant, great people, and now a great loss.

  7. So sorry to hear. After getting married at City Hall, before the big party later on, Pierre and I had a lovely lunch there with friends. Very French, like my husband.

  8. I had a wonderful birthday dinner there a few years ago. Of course I ordered the souffle but they mistakenly brought me the wrong one. I had no problem since it was still delicious but they kindly brought me the correct flavor free of charge. I ended up devouring both huge souffles because they were so good! Such a classy place.

  9. So. so sad. Had many wonderful meals there with friends and the souffles were the best I’ve ever had. I will miss the fig souffle, but especially the family.

  10. the restaurant was able to open after 9/11, they fed EMS, FDNY, NYPD and more (at no charge) it is sad to see them go, we need more people like them as friends and neighbors! I’ll remember this place with the fondest memories.

  11. Will be missed!! I love that place:(

  12. Amazing food. Nice people. Sorry to see our neighbor go. Good luck

  13. This is so sad. A neighborhood gem both in food and hospitality.

  14. I moved into the Shearson Lehman Hutton data center on Washington back in 1987 when it first opened, long before that neighborhood got hot; the surrounding streets were largely deserted. Capsouto Freres was an oasis, and later Tribeca Grill and Bouley and others showed up. I had many a meal at Capsuoto, a lovely place with great food. I just happened on this article today from my retirement in Florida, so many years later, but I remember this place very vividly. A shame and disgrace they did not receive more support from the city, if that allegation is true. Times change, life moves on, and great restaurants stagnate and disappear. Very sad, but great memory.

  15. Very sad. I enjoyed several beautiful Passover seders there and always appreciated the beauty of the restaurant, the good food, and unmatched hospitality.

  16. This is a great loss to the neighborhood. Both the restaurant and the family were a beloved and important part of TriBeCa for many years.

  17. It is so sad to hear that your Restaurant will not open again. Kept reading and hoping that this was not true. I miss the wonderful Seders you provided for so many people. The Freres brothers are very special people.

  18. This is the saddest news I’ve heard. I knew they had difficulties opening but never expected they wouldn’t reopen. Dinner at Capsouto Freres was always such a treat. It wasn’t just the food that was excellent but the hospitality and warmth of the brothers. A little laughter with Sami or a chat with Jacques. It felt like coming home. Capsouto Freres will be missed. We refuse to say Adieu so instead we will say Au Revoir.

  19. This is such sad news. Is it too late to help them? Is there anything we can do as a community? I would be happy to donate money or whatever else they might need. I bet everyone in Tribeca would be happy to help. Does anyone have contact information?


    “A TriBeCa restaurant owner launched a one-man war against Mayor Bloomberg’s bicycle-sharing program yesterday — holding a lone sit-in to block workers from installing a bike rack he said would obstruct his business.

    Jacques Capsouto, 68, says he fears the bike station will take away parking spaces and block the entrance to his Capsouto Freres bistro on Washington Street.”