Based in Tribeca: Frisbie

Frisbie facadeCompany name: Frisbie.

Founded: 2008.

Who’s answering these questions? Mary Wood, founder and owner.

Mission: We create music for a cross section of platforms: records, film, television, commercials, apps and games. Basically I’m a producer, an ad woman, a music supervisor, jingle creator, master of sound television production, and the creator of apps and games. The loft houses a beautiful recording studio where individual artists, bands, brands and companies record everything from albums to commercials. Frisbie also represents these artists for licensing and music supervision. From our colorful, downtown loft space, Frisbie hosts live events in addition to curating a retail space that sells one-of-a-kind music equipment, vinyl albums, and other rare treasures.

Number of staff members: Four.

What’s your office like? Colorful, open, fun and creative. Basically, super sweet.

Any favorite places around here for lunch? Or to unwind after work? Lunch: Landmarc and Cercle Rouge. After work: Anotheroom.

Anything else we should know? How hard we rock.

To guide you through these photos: We start on street level, in the shop and then, behind it, the kitchen and a living room. Stairs go down to a lounge area and the recording studio.

Frisbie storeFrisbie shirtFrisbie picksFrisbie mannequinFrisbie muralFrisbie discmanFrisbie loungeFrisbie stairsFrisbie candle holderFrisbie tableFrisbie downstairsFrisbie snacks and liquorFrisbie phoneFrisbie control boothFrisbie banjoFrisbie chalkboardFrisbie studioFrisbie MaryGot an interesting workspace? Share it:

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