Based in Tribeca: Well+Good

We’re defining Tribeca loosely here, because Well+Good is located in a building at Greenwich and Vandam. And yet, as you’ll notice below, it feels more like old Tribeca than a lot of current-day Tribeca does. (You can also see for yourself during one of the company’s events.) Before we get to the Q&A and the photos, you’ll first want to know that Well+Good’s “Healthy Holiday Gift Guide” just came out; click here to download a PDF.

Company name: Well+Good (

Founded: April, 2010.

Who’s answering these questions: Alexia Brue, co-founder of Well+Good with Melisse Gelula. Melisse and I were colleagues during the bygone era of print journalism. We met working at the now-shuttered Luxury Spa Finder Magazine.

Mission: To be your healthiest (online) relationship. Melisse and I started Well+Good because New York City didn’t have a publication reporting seriously and critically on wellness. New Yorkers, especially Tribecans, are obsessed with boutique fitness, juice cleanses, yoga pants, organic food. Well+Good lets you know what’s worth your time and money.

Moved to Tribeca in… Well+Good moved into this “north Tribeca” office space in July, 2011. I’ve lived in North Battery Park City since 2008.

Number of staff members: Three full-timers and about half a dozen freelancers.

What’s your office like? It’s a one-bedroom loft so it feels very residential. We furnished it with an eclectic mix of Ikea furniture and hand-me-downs. Lolë, the fitness fashion boutique on Hubert, gave us a white bookshelf [left] that they used for trade shows. Some friends who just moved gave us some gorgeous barstools. We’re still looking for some comfortable office chairs (hint, hint).

Any lunch favorites? I often grab lunch at Moomah on my way to work. I love the Suzita salad, plus the soups. And I think they make the best cappuccino south of Canal. We’ll also walk to Birdbath on Prince Street for lunch. They have a great deal where you get two salads for $6. I’ve trained myself to leave without a cookie.

Favorite place to unwind in the neighborhood? TenOverTen has turned getting a mani-pedi into a very relaxing experience. I love the vibe there and they have the best polish selection. For a major splurge, I go to the Shibui Spa where the massages with hot compresses and beautiful oils make me feel like I’ve had a two-week vacation in two hours. As you might guess, I also work out to wind down. I end up at SoulCycle a lot even though philosophically I’m way more of a Flywheel girl. North Battery Park City has some terrific boot camps—I’m thinking specifically of Baby Body Boot Camp and Strong Healthy Woman Boot Camp. I love the TRX classes at Real Pilates. And once the Asphalt Green opens you’ll find me swimming there every morning.

Anything else we should know: In addition to the monthly events we host for readers at the city’s top fitness studios, beauty stores, and wellness venues, we recently started hosting more intimate, salon-style events at our loft. Last week Melisse spoke to 30 women about natural and organic beauty. We’ll definitely be doing more of those. Our subscribers always get first dibs on events. To subscribe, visit

Questions for Tribeca Citizen readers? Is there a juice bar we don’t know about? Bell Bates Natural Foods on Reade has a juice bar but it’s seen better days (and that’s me being diplomatic). So I’ll grab a BluePrintCleanse green juice at Whole Foods. Still, there’s something special about a standalone juice café. And of course we always want to know about where you like to workout and any wellness features you think Tribeca needs.

The office is in a big one-bedroom apartment. You enter to face an area they use for editorial meetings. (The painting is by Joe Haske, who lives in the building and has loaned Well+Good a few pieces.) To the left is Alexia’s father’s legal bookshelf, currently being used as a “beauty closet”; the photo of the monk is by Melisse’s father. The kitchen is handy considering that this part of town isn’t exactly lunch central. I asked if the flowers were in honor of my visit, and the answer was no, they were purchased for the recent organic beauty event.

The living room is a mini-bullpen, with two tables where the three Well+Gooders work. (Senior staff writer Lisa Elaine Held is pictured below.) The groovy black chair was a donation from friends. If they tire of it, they could try selling it to Thom Browne, because it’d fit right in at his store.

The bedroom is the “conference room,” used mostly for phone calls. I joked that they could do yoga on the carpet tiles, and it turns out they’ve done it in the main room, live-streaming a session by Kristen McGee (who is famous in the yoga world).

They have a bathroom, which wouldn’t be notable except it has a shower—ideal for a company that involves working out during the day—and even a washing machine.

After our little shoot, I geeked out in the hallway and staircase. So much character!

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  1. Nice place! I notice you don’t have a juicer in your kitchen. Maybe that is the best solution. Buy the veggies and Bell Bates and juice away!

  2. A juicer is at the top of our holiday wish list!

  3. There’s a Juice Bar in Picnic Basket (Jin Market) on Hudson.

    It’s so ironic that TriBeCa Citizen has featured you today. I found your site just today while searching for an answer to a question about a skin care product. Good for you for your presence on the first page of my Google search! I immediately bookmarked your site.

  4. Andrea, now I’m dying to know which story popped up. We have a particularly rousing discussion on the site about Cetaphil, facial oils, and extractions. Sorry if that last one was TMI.

  5. A really lovely office set-up. Evidence that work does not have to take place in unpleasant settings.

  6. It’s sadly funny that TriBeCa Citizen states your space is more like old TriBeCa than TriBeCa
    Well Bell Bates is a veteran and I hope you’re wrong that its seen better days.
    Just what we need – another polished space replacing our old, slightly worn, but
    more authentic Lower Manhattan living
    Right now a well meaning MBA is putting together a portfolio on the strategic financial empowerment of putting in a high end, glossy white juice bar in Central TriBeCa!!!!
    Give me a break!
    Bell Bates is GREAT! And I hope they outlast you all!

  7. I love you ladies and I am so happy to see your beautiful space – even if just in pictures right now. hope to see it soon! XOXO