Seen & Heard: Dylan Prime on Hold

Goldman Sachs ferry courtesy T••• T. reports that the roof of the Goldman Sachs ferries was open yesterday. (When I rode one, it wasn’t clear they’d be open.)

••• Dylan Prime is not reopening today; the owner is mulling whether to renovate….

••• I had lunch today—First-Time Tuesday!—at Ciccio, a small, cute, and stylish Italian restaurant at Sixth and Vandam. (A reader, can’t remember who and don’t make me look it up, had pointed it out on Twitter when it opened a couple months back.) I genuinely liked it, and not just because it was new to me. The room is adorable and the food—the lunch menu has meatballs, panini, salads, soup, and not much more—better than it probably needs to be. I’ll be back for dinner (not tonight). If you go somewhere new today, and you should, tell me about it. JJ, for instance, got the pulled pork sandwich at Mooncake Foods in FiDi.

••• I hear the neighbors are beginning to rally against the idea of another hotspot at W. Broadway and Reade.

••• Fulton Stall Market—that’s the one across the street from New Amsterdam Market—reopens for the season on April 20 and 21. Here’s the list of vendors.

••• The folks running the upcoming open house at the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse are concerned that my mention of the event didn’t state clearly enough that pre-registration is essential. If you didn’t register, do not go. It’s now sold out.

••• Someone just emailed to ask if I had heard anything about Peace & Love reopening—no, and the lack of work makes me doubt it will—and then I had a disturbing premonition. I’m sure it’ll never happen. Right?

••• Good news from The Dead Rabbit: “Lunchtime is a popular time to be in our Taproom. Maybe a little too popular for a room that size. So starting tomorrow, Wednesday, our upstairs Parlor will also be open for lunch from 12-3pm, Wednesday through Sunday.”

••• The other day I asked where you would propose marriage around here. [Crickets.] Anyway, I thought it was a sweet question to ponder; I considered Staple Street (then nixed it because of the construction), then suggested Duane Park (maybe waiting a couple of weeks for the greenery to fill in). Jeff, the proposer, ended up choosing Collister Street, and Lindsay said yes. As you can see, the photos (by Rebecca Yale) are just lovely. “The amazing thing is they put scaffolding entirely on the west side of Collister as of Monday morning,” he emailed. “I also set up surprise Champagne and cupcakes from Duane Park Patisserie. Tribeca is the best!”

Jeff and Lindsay by Rebbeca YaleJeff and Lindsay2 by Rebbeca YaleJeff and Lindsay3 by Rebbeca Yale



  1. Jeff and Lindsay had a gorgeous classic Tribeca proposal and it was a pleasure to capture it for them as the sun set and filled the streets with beautiful warm light!

  2. Gorgeous pictures Rebecca!

  3. Does anyone have the owner’s number for Dylan Prime

    I used to work there and never got paid