Inside a Goldman Sachs Ferry

Last week, Goldman Sachs decided to put its two new ferries into service, and what’s more, they were being operated by NY Waterway and open to the plebes public. Then J. sent over a photo of one of the ferries, saying it was nicer than the other, older ferries. So I realized I should go ride one.

The roundtrip to Paulus is $12. Because the unhelpful ticket clerk gave me vague information, I first rode one of the old ferries, the Hoboken—handy for comparison’s sake, I suppose. I didn’t think it was that bad, but a) it was nearly empty, and b) I like most boats.

Ny Waterways Hoboken ferryNY Waterway old ferryWhile I waited five minutes in New Jersey for one of the Goldman ferries to show up, I admired the company’s building there. I had never seen it up close. I think it’s a fantastic building.

Goldman Sachs Paulus building 22513And of course I took some photos of the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Lower Manhattan skyline 22513Then the new ferry showed up. It was the York; a crew member said the other one, the Jersey, was out of service. The York is indeed pretty lovely, with a skylight and loungier seating. I’m not sure about the green, but the stripes were zippy and the gray carpet was more pleasant than the Hoboken’s vinyl flooring. The lack of an outside deck struck me as a bummer. I didn’t notice whether the engine was quieter, to be honest—but if it’s newer, it probably is.

Goldman Sachs ferry YorkGoldman Sachs ferry York interior2Goldman Sachs ferry York interiorGoldman Sachs ferry York skylightThe ferries surely deserve better names than the uninspired York and Jersey. Any suggestions?

Update: J. sent over another shot of the interior (looking toward the bow).

Goldman Sachs ferry by J



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