Seen & Heard: Walker Street Break-Ins

••• A reader who lives on Walker (between Church and Broadway) sent over this photo—click to enlarge—taken on April 5, of what appears to be of someone being arrested for breaking and entering. (Allegedly!) The reader said that there have been other break-ins on Walker “and most have been on the top floors.” I don’t have press credentials with the NYPD, so I won’t be able to get anywhere with them, but I don’t recall reading anything about a series of break-ins. If anyone knows anything, please comment or email me at Photo: Michael Groen. UPDATE: A reader wrote in to explain what happened: “a man either psychotic or on drugs (as stated by the cops) used the scaffolding at #42 to get onto their fire escape & climb onto the scaffolding & fire escape at #38. he RAILED, SCREAMED, SWORE & pounded on the fire escape & fire escape door windows, breaking windows on the 3rd & upper floors. it all happened around 3am & there were many cops on the street but they were waiting for the emergency services unit. it all lasted about an hour & was a nightmare. I was told later that the same guy had been up to something else earlier in the week.”

Chambers_Per••• Work is finally set to start at 87 Chambers, the gap tooth on the north side of the block (going through to Reade) between Church and Broadway. From the LMCCC: “A new eight-story building is going up at 87 Chambers Street [….] Work at the site began in April 2013, with construction manager C.M. and Associates planning to erect the superstructure during the second half of 2013, and complete the 17-unit condominium by late 2014.” It was initially going to be a hotel. The most recent rendering I have is pictured at right; click here to see the Reade side.

••• The Five Boro Bike Tour is Sunday, May 5.

••• From James: “Looks like the Radio Shack on Fulton street may be closing or gut rehab. Gate is down and rubbish near the door.” I’d guess closed. The one on Broadway closed in February.

••• DeRose Method Tribeca is opening its doors for a get-to-know-us event on Friday, May 10, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. There will be refreshments, and it’s a good chance to see the lovely artwork loaned for the space by Tribeca’s own Element 6 Arts.

••• Chef Bill Telepan signed a lease for a Tribeca space for Telepan Local. I tweeted back to ask if it was still 329 Greenwich, but I haven’t heard back. You’ll like me yet, Bill Telepan…. Update: Yes, it’s at 329 Greenwich.

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  1. The Radio Shack on Fulton isn’t closing for a gut rehab. It is closing because the four buildings closest to Dutch Street are being demolished for a 300,000 sf Mixed Use building that will be built on the site. Two other stores have Going out of Business signs. Five Guys should be next! Fulton Street is changing and changing fast!

  2. There was a break in on bway between Frankin and Leonard about 6-8 weeks ago. Penthouse level on a Friday nite about 6:15. Family was home and he was surprised and ran to my apt and we believe over the parapet wall to roof of bldg north of us. Cops, cops, cops and we couldn’t get rid of them. You’d think there was nothing else going on in NYC. Helecoptor w infra red, several sets of detectives. I heard that there was a break in later that evening down on Reade and Bway but cannot confirm. We r east of bway so different precinct from rest of ‘hood. Lots of follow up. We were told that breaking are usually lower floors so this is an athletic and agile type.