Seen & Heard: J&R Is Shrinking

JandR sign••• A reader wrote in to point out that J&R’s consolidation appears to be continuing, so I crossed through the park—ruining at least one wedding photo (sorry!) on the way—to investigate. Storefronts number 10 and 9 are kaput, while 8 and 7 look to be following in their footsteps, if the on the doors saying “Clearance sale” are any indication. I asked J&R last time this came up and got no response, so I’m not trying again.

••• Closed since Sandy, John Allan’s Tribeca salon will reopen May 7.

••• I found out Friday afternoon that Flora, the florist at 85 Franklin, is closing its retail space (it’ll still be designing flowers). Many vases and other stuff were on serious sale. The shop is not open over the weekend, but there may still be some around on Monday or Tuesday.

••• Those of us who like Everyman Espresso will be pleased to hear that the coffee company is taking over Bikini Bar for the summer. I neglected to ask if that meant the café would be opening earlier…. UPDATE: “Bikini Bar will be open by appointment only until June 23rd,” says Bikini Bar’s Facebook page. “Reopening with an Organic Juice Bar and Kava Lounge for Summer… Featuring a Pop-Up Cafe with our Ohana at Everyman Espresso… Focused on delicious Tiki inspired signature Coffee Cocktails… Join us June 24th-August 31st… Mon-Sat 8:30am-7:00pm!”

••• There are signs posted on Warren Street saying that the TV show “Girls” will be filming in the vicinity on Monday.

••• A reader wrote in to ask whether anyone else is concerned about the north side of Chambers, that the construction fencing is making it a dangerous place to be late at night, especially in the less residential block between Church and Broadway. I avoid that side (the sidewalk is too narrow, thanks to the construction) and I’m rarely out past 10 p.m., so I don’t know.

••• 56 Leonard is growing like a weed.

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  1. An acquaintance recently warned me about walking on the north side of Chambers St on the Church/W Broadway block on the Church St end, saying there were often vagrants in the storefronts there in the evenings and that there had been some break-ins along that stretch as well.

  2. J&R is vacating the buildings and laid off over a hundred employees. That is a lot of empty store front.