Seen & Heard: 1WTC Spire Postponed

GDuehr_Facade_hires••• Soho Photo has a couple interesting shows opening June 5: the “sculptural photographs of Gary Duehr and Peter Agron’s street photography. Above: Facade (c) Gary Duehr.

••• Some clarification from Bikini Bar on its new partnership with Everyman Espresso: “Bikini Bar will be open by appointment only until June 23rd… Reopening with an Organic Juice Bar and Kava Lounge for Summer… Featuring a Pop-Up Cafe with our Ohana at Everyman Espresso… Focused on delicious Tiki inspired signature Coffee Cocktails… Join us June 24th-August 31st… Mon-Sat 8:30am-7:00pm!”

••• Dmitriy noted in a comment that Dylan Prime’s equipment, fixtures, and liquor is set to be auctioned on May 6. I asked John Mautone whether he had a response but I haven’t heard back.

••• The word is that today’s raising of the final part of the 1 World Trade Center spire has been postponed because of the weather. Related: Robert Ripps pointed out that the spire currently looking like it belongs in Istanbul, while AW says it reminds him/her of an ice pick (then goes off on an inspired rant). Read their comments.

••• The opening of the Conrad hotel’s Loopy Doopy rooftop bar has also been delayed because of the weather. New date TBD.

••• The big bike rack in front of the old Matsugen/66 space on Church made me wonder why the DOT didn’t put it in front of the Chase (on the same block) or across the street, by the city/state/whatever building. Because those bike racks leave nowhere for taxis to pick up or drop off people dining at the restaurant taking Matsugen’s space—so instead they’ll double-park, blocking a lane of traffic.

••• In honor of the Woolworth Building’s centennial, Cosmopolitan Café (the small one, on W. Broadway) has installed a mini soda fountain counter, not unlike what you would’ve found at a Woolworth’s five-and-dime back in the day.

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  1. I love Bikini Bar, but that statement doesn’t exactly clear things up. Oh, well, I guess we’ll see in June. BTW, “by appointment”? So, if I want to get coffee at BB, I have to make an appointment beforehand? That’s a level of life planning that I just cannot achieve.

    Whatever works to keep them open. It’s one of my favorite spots in Tribeca.

  2. I don’t think the bike racks change anything in terms of taxis having to double park to drop people off. Before the bike racks, there were cars parked there – it’s not like the bike racks are using curb space that was previously unoccupied.

  3. @J Allen: I suppose you’re right.

  4. Actually, a full bike rack is going to be a complete barrier, instead of parked cars, which often have enough space for someone to pass between. So it could push dropoffs down the block in either direction, which could mean more car congestion. Does anyone know what the proportion of bikes to rack spaces is expected to average? I can’t see that DOT expects to fill all of them to capacity since that would lower the probability that you’d find an open space at your destination.

    Erik, a suggestion for a one time reverse “where in NYC” in a few weeks once the bikes arrive… where you send us all searching for a Citi bike rack (the more bikes, the better) sited directly outside a competing bank!

  5. do we know if they will light the tip of 1 world trade if it go’s up today????

  6. I just walked by it and heard construction workes say that it will go up tomorrow….

  7. Interestingly, on the bike rack topic, the billboard next to the rack says to txt Citibike to 55-1-55 for an app. I did so, then i get a txt back which says “please submit your zip code” and when I did (a tribeca zip of course), it said “the…app is almost ready…” so clearly we know the rack comes before the app.