Kori Has Been Seized

Bad news on Church Street: The Korean restaurant Kori has been seized. @RobertALoblaw tweeted me this photo.

The restaurant could come back, I suppose, although as we’re learning with Dylan Prime, that isn’t easy to pull off. UPDATE: Thanks, Anonymous (in the comments), for pointing out that Dylan Prime has filed for bankruptcy protection. The Bloomberg article in question says this: “There is a potential purchaser willing to hire the restaurant’s 49 employees and reopen as soon as possible, Mautone said in the filing.” let’s hope it pulls through! UPDATE: I just heard from Mautone, who emailed: “We have the space back. We will begin renovations soon.” Great news!

(I just bought a deal on Livingsocial the other day because I had reward points to burn off. Anyone want to bet whether the company will refund them?)

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  1. Sort of a shock. I’m out of the country right now but I live just around the corner from there. The restaurant’s been seemingly very popular for some 16~18 years, though I can’t say exactly why having only eaten there once when it first opened. Also, from what I understand, the owner has several restaurants are currently operating successfully. Does anyone know the background story? Their website’s still live.

  2. Assuming David is referring to Kori, does anyone know which other restaurants the owners own and operate? I thought the food at Kori was quite good and authentic. It’s too bad that it was seized. We can use a good, casual Korean restaurant in Tribeca. Actually, Tribeca needs more casual Asian restaurants. Aside from a few sushi places around here, Viet Cafe is the only other casual one. I would love to see places like Sobaya, Ippudo (ramen), Thai restaurants pop up in the neighborhood. But probably due to high rent, it’s unlikely. Bummer.

  3. I did a quick check to try to find the owner’s other restaurants, but came up empty. I just recall reading a review long ago that said that after opening a place successfully elsewhere, she opened a second location in the West Village before Kori, and that Quentin Tarantino was an investor in it. Memory is sketchy on this, but that sticks out.

  4. I go to the restaurant often and also purchased a living social deal last week. Easy refund process with living social in the first 7 days after purchase

  5. @David. The restaurant you are referring to in WV is Do Hwa which is fantastic. I frequently eat at Do Hwa as it is way more convenient from me to travel to and back vs. going to Koreatown. You don’t get all the side dishes there like you would at places in Ktown but the food is authentic and service is great.