Seen & Heard: Is Denny’s Backing Off?

••• Community Board 1 sent out revised agendas, including this: “150 Nassau Street, application for a beer and wine license for Denny’s – Withdrawn.” Normally, items are postponed—as the one for 114 Franklin, or Tutto Il Giorno, was—so the “withdrawn” could mean permanently instead of temporarily. I’ll try to find out—but if you know anything, I’m at (The agendas online don’t reflect this change yet.)

••• Mulberry & Vine starts serving breakfast Monday, so the new hours are 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. The menu is here, and I can recommend the herbazone (although the name always reminds me of Herbalife).

••• James sent over the heads up that P.J. Clarke’s in the World Financial Brookfield Center Place will be closed for construction purposes through May 14, reopening (at least outside?) on May 15 with a “Patio Party.”

••• A mini Nosy Neighbor question came in from Nancy: “I have a random question for you. Tribeca moms are asking like crazy…. Any word on whether or not any of these bikes will have rear bike seats on them for kids? Boy, that would be pretty awesome.” I called Citi Bike NYC and the answer, unfortunately, is no.

••• Scenes for Noah Baumbach’s new movie, Frances Ha, were shot at Downtown Dance Factory: “Check out our dancers who appear (very briefly!) in the trailer.” I have to say I find the trailer totally charming, but I like conflict-free movies.



  1. Alas, Denny’s “withdrawn” application may mean that they will just open without a liquor license. I, and many of my neighbors, would prefer they not open at all. I would actually prefer, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, the 7/11 rather than Denny’s. They hold that franchise as well. That said, this development is good news regardless. Thanks!

  2. Tried the herbazone this morning. YUM! Thanks for the rec.