Seen & Heard: Walker Street Crime

••• Another reader emailed about crime on Walker Street: “I live at 47 Walker Street and was broken into this past winter. The robber came up the stairs at 49 Walker crossed to my roof and forced my terrace door open. He was seen as he made his way back down the stairs but wasn’t caught. As I said, I’m curious to know if this is happening with more than normal frequency and if the police are not reporting it.” As I mentioned before, I have no relationship with the NYPD, so we’ll have to crowdsource this; if you know anything, email me at

••• Michael White’s Butterfly bar and restaurant now says the end of the month (and not tomorrow) is the earliest it’ll open.

••• The contents of White & Church were auctioned off today.

••• The unofficial word is that Denny’s is still moving forward at 150 Nassau, just not on the liquor license for now.

••• The Leonard, as the conversion at 101 Leonard (northeast corner of Broadway) is being called now has a website.

••• From a reader: “I’m looking to decorate the offices with old photos from the area from the turn of the century until 1980 or so (or even Boss Tweed days). In any case, besides some absolutely amazing photos of the Seaport I somehow was able to procure through the NY Times, I haven’t found anything besides small prints on Ebay. Do you know where I could possibly look? I know it’s a crazy question, but the history of this area is just amazing and I wanted it displayed all over the office.” Any ideas?

••• I enjoyed a visit this afternoon to the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour gallery at 58 Lispenard, which will be around through May 12 (open 1-6 p.m. daily). Two works in particular—by Bryn McConneell and Katherine D. Crone, respectively—that caught my eye are below. And the gallery is selling TOAST mugs—a natural gift for any fan of the event.

painting by Bryn McConnell at TOAST galleryart by Katherine D Crone at TOAST galleryTOAST mug



  1. There are the tax photos from the 1940s, available from either the NYC Building Dept or NYC Finance on the site.. Google them. Nothing artistic, but of every building – might be of interest. I would also call the NY Historical Society and the Museum of the City of Ny to see what they can suggest.

    There was also a book on Tribeca a decade or so ago. Maybe you can get prints from the author or mount photos from the book.

    And you could contact me if geometric abstractions of brightly colored loading docks and buildings are of any interest. I don’t do this professionally, but I did a 5 year part time project on lower Manhattan industrial architecture ending in 1982. I have prints of some of the and thousands of slides. Erik can put us in touch.

    Good luck!

  2. There are also some really good old photos on New York public library image search

    You can search the street in question and New York (they have other cities as well)

  3. I follow “The Old New York Page” on Facebook. Asher posts amazing photographs.