Seen & Heard: J&R’s Consolidation Is Complete

jandr 5813••• That was fast: J&R’s consolidation—down to one five-story “superstore” at 1 Park Row—is complete.

••• Welcome back, John Allan’s Tribeca salon, which has reopened (since being closed by Sandy).

••• Food blogger (and TC reader) Vicki Winters has launched Bites on Bikes, a tour company where you ride bikes (provided) and sample small tastings at four to six restaurants. “Calories are both consumed and burned,” says Vicki, “making it a win-win!” Options include Pizza Wars Tour, From Fish To Dish: ACME Fish Fridays Tour with Bagels and Lox, and South Street Seaport Springs Back. From $55.

••• The BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center is looking for a marketing associate. Sponsored.

••• No one guessed it, so I posted the answer to last week’s Where in Tribeca…?

••• 5 Beekman has some dramatic scaffolding—not sure this photo does it justice.

5 beekman



  1. I saw this account of the J&R re-org on another forum. I have no personal knowledge on the subject, other than my own observation that J&R Baby is virtually empty every time we’ve gone there.

    “This is the inside scoop.

    I heard they are close to bankruptcy. Suppliers were withdrawing credit, insisting on cash on delivery. Very low stock.

    Very many old time employees are being fired, in large numbers.

    The “baby store” experiment was a huge failure, cost them a lot of money.

    Business is WAY down from previous levels.

    They own the buildings and are looking for new rental income, possibly selling them or making some sort of offer to tenants. They will not re-open the closed ground level stores.

    There seems to be some infighting and reorganization.

    I heard this from gossip from employees and corporate staff there. I don’t know if everything is 100% accurate but they have no reason to lie and I personally know a number of very long time employees who were let go.

    They were shocked and had no warning and almost no severance.”


  2. Hmmm. Their print advertising has dwindled to almost nothing as well.