Seen & Heard: J&R’s Consolidation

JandR sign••• A reader pointed out that J&R posted a new sign explaining what it’s up to—namely, consolidating everything into a “5-story superstore at 1 Park Row.” (Click it to enlarge.) Well, I guess it’ll be easier to figure out where to go….

••• Mimi’s Café at Church and Reade appears to have closed. I vaguely recalling a sign saying it was closing for a day, but it looks to be vacated.

••• From Friends of Duane Park: “I was hoping we were not too late to get our little welcoming spring event that we do next weekend [Saturday, May 11] in conjunction with Bogardus listed in your next newsletter? It’s a free celebrate spring event, in the park, from 10-12. We have farm animals to pet, a chance for kids to plant a flower or herb in a pot for mom, music, and refreshments. The Suellen Stiltwalkers are generally back and forth between the two parks, and it’s just a fun morning out for all.”

••• Most of the facade at 84 White (east of Broadway) has been revealed. The bright sun this morning made it hard to get a good photo. The second photo is the east side, where they’re going to need some thorough window coverings. (Both photos can be made much bigger by clicking.) I still haven’t seen anything online marketing the apartments.

••• Want to sign a petition to keep P.S. 150 in Tribeca? Here it is.

••• Edible Arrangements hung a sign up outside 143 Duane saying it’s on its way.

••• In case you missed it in the post about Kori being seized, Dylan Prime’s John Mautone emailed good news: “We have the space back. We will begin renovations soon.”

••• Opening May 14 at the New York Academy of Art: the 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition.

••• I forgot to include this in the post about the Seaport six months after Sandy, but there are signs in the windows of Bridge Café saying that Brooklyn Bridge art is being sold to benefit the restaurant. It’s striking stuff, even though the bars make it hard to tell. Get a better look at

seaport 43013 Bridge Cafe artseaport 43013 Bridge Cafe art2seaport 43013 Bridge Cafe art3


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  1. All J&R stores and offices have been squeezed into 1 and 15 Park Row to trim operating expenses, I guess. Block appears ghostly. Store is empty. Key contacts were no longer available at J&R.