New Kid on the Block: Best Made Company

Best Made patchesWhen Tribeca-based axes-and-more outfit Best Made Company opened a holiday pop-up at 36 White for last year, the plan was to convert it to a new showroom/headquarters once the season was over. It must have done well enough, because Best Made has left the front of the space as a small shop, where you can find the same kind of stuff as there was at the pop-up. (Most is Best Made, with some curated from other companies; all of it looks like a talented Boy Scout has been working toward a merit badge for design.) From Wednesday to Friday, a large curtain separates the shop from the office in back; on Saturday and Sunday, the curtain shall be pulled back, with slightly more space to be allotted to merchandise.

Best Made Company is at 36 White (between Church and Broadway), 646-478-7092;

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