Seen & Heard: Yet Another Break-In

••• I heard from a reader who says his top-floor office in southeast Tribeca has been broken into three times since the start of the year. That makes three (or four, if you count the arrest). I don’t understand why the first precinct isn’t doing one of its community alerts about this instead of about not locking your valuables in your car, or whatever. In the meantime, if you have a terrace or top-floor apartment, please secure it.

••• The Celebrate Spring event at Duane Park and Bogardus Plaza has been postponed till Sunday, since tomorrow’s weather looks like it’s going to be crummy.

••• It looks like Trisha Brown Dance Company is leaving 465 Greenwich (Watts/Desbrosses)—there’s a “for rent” sign in the window.

••• From the LMCCC: “This weekend, a crane lift will bring road closures outside 377 Greenwich Street in Tribeca. Greenwich Street between Franklin and N. Moore Streets will be closed May 11th and 12th during the day.”

••• Roti Mediterranean Grill opens at 100 Maiden Lane on Monday. From the PR email: “Roti serves up healthy Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on fresh, natural ingredients. It’s a great option for New Yorkers looking for a new, quick yet healthy on-the-go lunch option. We also cater to consumers with specific dietary needs with a wealth of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menu options.”

••• The folks at 93 Worth invited me over for a tour [cough finally cough], so I got to check out the work-in-progress lobby (with two vaulted ceilings forming a T), the common roof deck, a penthouse (check out the northern view directly below and, below that, what a good look one of the penthouses will have of the clocktower at 346 Broadway once its renovation is complete), and several model units (note how luscious the new windows are from inside). The last photo gives you a great look at the cute Dutch-style building on Thomas. The building is 85% sold, and most of those were completed before the elevators were even functioning; a sign of a solid market, I’d say. Click to enlarge.

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  1. You mean 8 Thomas Street? Damn, I miss the restaurant that was there long before the building next door undermined the site and it (8 Thomas) was uninhabitable for years.