Seen & Heard: Gym Discrimination

40 harrison gym••• Hey, Stellar Management: When you told me that the new gym at Independence Plaza North (40 Harrison) would be for residents only, you could’ve been clearer: The gym is only for fair-market tenants, and not for those who qualify for affordable housing—that’s what the latter are being told when they try to get an ID to use the gym (along with “We are within our legal rights”). Classy! Maybe next you could have the doormen only greet the fair-market tenants—that’d be a great way to drive the wedge a little deeper.

••• Reminder: Taste of Tribeca is Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Duane and Greenwich. It’s fun! And proceeds go to P.S. 234 and P.S. 150. Related: The word is that the Citi Bike rack on Duane was removed for Taste of Tribeca (temporarily).

••• Interested in improving Finn Square, perhaps by creating a block-long pedestrian plaza? Attend the Neighborhood Design Workshop on May 28. See flyer for more info (click to enlarge).

••• Is J&R in trouble? JF came across an interesting (and depressing) possible take on the company’s consolidation.

••• Battery Dance Company is offering Tribeca Citizen readers $15 discount tickets for its performances of Past, Present & Future next week at 3LD Art + Technology. “The shared performances will be composed of a new work by Jacek Luminski, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, and the revival of Shell Games, BDC Artistic Director Jonathan Hollander’s choreography from 2005.” You can buy tickets here; use the code TRIBECA (valid only for May 22 and 23).

••• R. sent in the photo below—looks like work on the 10-story, 107-unit building at 460 Washington is getting  ready to start up again.



  1. Hmm. Affordable housing tenants should check with the gov’t body that subsidizes their rent up to those fair-market prices –just because a building manager says they’re doing something within their legal rights doesn’t mean they are.

  2. Wow…. That is odd… Maybe they’ll need to enter from the back of the building next? Is this a new spin to “Separate but Equal”?
    @jfrankp raises an excellent point.

    Not Stellar…

  3. god bless utopia. god bless marx.

  4. Why are we subsidizing housing in the most expensive neighborhood in the United States? It’s asinine social engineering.

  5. Crazy, I know right!?! Because poor families who only make $80K per year should have to live somewhere even shittier! We need to get everyone separated into the correct neighborhoods, right?

  6. We’re not subsidizing the rents – the city is subsidizing the profits of the development companies by giving them huge – huge — tax abatements in exchange for allowing the affordable housing while they build with borrowed money that sometimes doesn’t even exist (see: finance industry, 2008. And, sometimes, the city gets nothing in exchange. See: Goldman Sachs bldg done via 75% abatement $) And if stabilized rent in Tribeca is social engineering, at least remember to say “good morning!’ when the court employee next door leaves for work at the same time you leave for your arraignment on insider training.

  7. Why are we subsidizing the most profitable corporations in the world? That is just asinine!

  8. I’ve become sort of conditioned to “like” comments, though it’s probably a silly affectation. Nonetheless, I’d like to “like” several of the comments here, a lot. “Asinine social engineering”, indeed. I think someone needs a lesson in history and/or a dictionary.

  9. I am one of those who as a family makes under $152,000 and are paying almost $3000 to live in Tribeca Oh yeah I feel really blessed! Excuse me while I take my tongue out of my cheek

  10. Thank goodness the security and maintenace staff at IPN don’t follow the lead of their employers. They are as nice as can be. And their jobs are threatened on a regular basis. These aren’t nice guys.
    The tenant dynamic at IPN should be applauded not ridiculed. You have a great diversity of people living there. Stellar Management offers none of their fair market tenants stability so they end up leaving 1-3 years later. They haven’t yet caught on to their neighborhood rental moguls who offer a form of rental stabilization to their fair market tenants – at IPN they just tell them “we aren’t renewing your lease.”
    I love it when “newbies” come to a well established neighborhood and then wonder why they can’t get rid of the old timers…remember when you had to walk a couple of blocks for a carton of milk? It was fun back then. A little ragged but cool as can be. Miss you Wetlands, my husband misses Area, and we’re still wearing sack-cloth-and-ashes about Socrates!

  11. Dear Crazy:
    “Why are we subsidizing housing in the most expensive neighborhood in the United States? It’s asinine social engineering.”

    Because if it weren’t for people living here at IPN and founding this “most expensive neighborhood in the United States” you texting twerps would be here to enjoy it!

  12. Should be: you texting twerps would NOT be here to enjoy it!