Seen & Heard: Chambers Construction

chambers 52713••• Hello, Gorgeous: Most of Chambers between W. Broadway and Greenwich is finally out from under the knife.

tan eyes 43013••• There’s one last eye photo from last week’s Where in Tribeca…? Any guesses before I post the answer?

••• Basketball update from Friends of Washington Market Park: “The new backboards and hoops are scheduled to be installed tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29. Come by and check out the action courtside. And from then on, enjoy the new hoops that you built.”

All Good Bread by JustenJilsson••• All Good Things has pastries at its new bread counter (and possibly more), if this photo that @JustenJilsson shared is any indication.

••• This Sunday (June 2): P.S. 89 is throwing a Wellness Fair (noon-4 p.m.). This PDF has all the details.

••• Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, the upcoming The Heat) will be at 92YTribeca on June 25.

••• Stephen Dimmick wants your help: “I’m tortured over this picture and believe it’s TriBeCa but cannot be sure.” Anyone know? (That’s its full size.)

old photo possibly Tribeca



  1. To clarify.. Referring to the hazy tall building in background…
    Where is Smithers? ;)

  2. If I had to bet… This is probably the section of Washington that was supplanted by the WTC etc. Washington around Cortlandt…
    No longer…

  3. Is the tall building 90 West Street?

  4. Wow, I either had too much time or enjoyed this challenge- but I think I actually solved this mystery. Its Jay Street between Washington and West Streets. Here are the steps I took.

    Step 1:
    Google Reverse Image Search led me to this page:
    The Image was taken by Samuel Gottscho.

    Step 2:
    The next Image in the collection is the important one- as it is the same vendor from another direction:

    Step 3:
    Downloaded the .tif file and zoomed into the signage on the building behind:
    It says “S. Galle & Co. Importers of Cheese”

    Step 4:
    Searched for “S. Galle & Co” and found that their old factory was at 28 Jay Street between Washington and West

  5. James,

    I think it is 60 Hudson

    P.s. love Apple maps in 3D :)

  6. Ariel,

    Nice work!!
    The section in question is now taken over by the liberty towers complex

    I guess that is 60 Hudson in the background too,,,

  7. This is all fantastic. THANK YOU everyone for all of this info.

  8. Thanks Ariel. Very interesting.