I Wish…

Mehtaphor would serve lunch so I could have its fries during the day.

…restaurants with mammoth portions of delicious fries, like the Dutch, offered solo diners a half portion. I don’t even care if it costs less. Just don’t force me to eat so many!

…the first-story façade of 54 Laight would get redone. Collister frames it so beautifully, and for what?

…Bed Bath & Beyond would add a center aisle so I don’t have to walk through the whole store to get to the stuff in the back. I can barely breathe in that place.

…the Modell’s on Chambers would dim the ridiculously bright lights in its windows.

…Whole Foods would sell watercress—in bunches (like it used to) or in bags (like at Union Market), and not “upland cress.” Watercress is the best lettuce! It’s difficult but it’s worth it!

Café Clementine would open on weekends. Or even just Saturdays.

cricketers arms sign…Restaurants would stop chaining signs at adjacent corners. It looks really crappity. For the Cricketer’s Arms to do it is one thing, but Benares should know better.

North End Grill would serve its full menu at the bar. Also, I’d love it if the restaurant would install those little “occupied” signs on its unisex bathroom doors, so you don’t have to try each one. I always barge in on the person who doesn’t lock. (After I wrote this, but before I posted it, I noticed that NEG does indeed have those signs, but you have to crouch and peer to see them—awkward behavior if someone happens to come out.)

…ACE New York’s garbage-can wheels could be less noisy. But then I seem to have an issue with repetitive noises.

Westville would open a Chinese restaurant. Think about it: It makes total sense.

…That the Greenstreets triangle in front of Tribeca Grand would be extended north. Why is there all that extra sidewalk? I figured Citi Bikes would use it, but no.

…Kings Pharmacy would call when a prescription can’t be filled.

And I hope that no one accuses me of being an entitled, first-world kvetch. I know full well that these are minor in the big scheme of things! That doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made, does it?

Wish something? Let’s hear it. You can email tribecacitizen@gmail.com, if you prefer.



  1. …Mister Softee trucks parked along Greenwich Street would follow NYC idling laws so my apartment wouldn’t smell like exhaust when I come home at the end of the day.

  2. The food cart on the corner of Chambers and West Broadway would move to the little triangle park so that corner wouldn’t be so congested and dangerous, people could get in and out of the subway and cross the street without being squashed.

  3. I wish unisex bathrooms were banned

  4. +1 on water cress. In fact, I really wish WFM would do better in general on produce. With ALL that space at their disposal, why are greens stuffed rudely into what feel like cramped overhead storage bins on airplanes? The place is supposed to be ABOUT whole foods, no? So a lush open market atmosphere is wholly appropriate. It’s why I shop in Chinatown, but that has its own problems.

  5. I wish that buses wouldn’t park on the side of PS 234 (warren st.).. they are always running and make so much noise…I also wish that Frites n Meats would come back to tribeca..

  6. I wish that Buster’s was still around…

  7. I wish “Tribeca Trucking” would stop parking its truck on Reade St – every single day!

  8. I wish there were better Thai food for delivery.

  9. I wish tourist buses were banned south of Chambers St. Tourists are welcome who arrive by foot, bus, subway or taxi.

  10. I wish that drivers stuck in traffic jams (like at the Holland Tunnel) wouldn’t sit on their horns, since it does absolutely NOTHING to get traffic moving faster.

  11. @KP: I wish all horns would blow inside the car as loud as they do outside.

  12. I wish NY Dolls and there gross sign guys would leave the hood!

  13. I wish that I could watch the evening news with my twelve year old without having to explain what Michael Douglas was talking about.

  14. I wish there was a decent frozen yogurt or ice cream spot in the neighborhood–one where I could go after dinner on a Saturday night and get a scoop…

  15. I wish there was a 24 hour bodega/market in the spot where Chipotle is on Greenwich and Murray. There used to be one, and while I have no idea what type of shennanigans went on there (they seemed to never be fully stocked, which was odd), it was nice to run in there for stuff late night, or even during the day for that matter. 20 minutes in Whole Foods for a gallon of milk is painful…

  16. I wish the Chambers St. reconstruction project was finished. And I wish they would install cobblestones on all the streets that have been dug up, regardless of whether it was there before the reconstruction.

  17. I wish you would all keep your complaints to yourselves and count your many blessings!

  18. I wish the homeless guy in the chambers street station wasn’t sitting in the seat I would like to sit in EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

  19. @Lisa: It’s every New Yorker’s right to complain.