Seen & Heard: Distilled Restaurant and Bar Opens Tomorrow

••• The Eagle Eye Award goes to M. for noticing that one set of awnings at MaryAnn’s now says “Dahlia’s.” I called and the sullen guy who answered the phone said the name is indeed changing, but that the restaurant will otherwise remain the same. I asked if the restaurant was still related to the MaryAnn’s in Chelsea, Stamford, and Port Chester, but he either didn’t know or couldn’t say.

••• Less Less on Chambers—not to be confused with Lot-Less on Chambers—is closing. Everything is 25% or 30% off, depending which sign in the window you believe.

••• Distilled, the restaurant and bar at the old Centrico space, opens tomorrow. (And it’s no longer Distilled NY.)

••• New at Tribeca Greenmarket on Wednesdays: Willow Wisp Certified Organic Farm (vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers). And on Saturdays: Mushroom farm Blue Oyster Cultivation. The mushrooms are enough to make me wish I was here more on summer weekends….

••• An ad in the Tribeca Trib says that everything at Working Class Emporium is now 40% off.

••• There’s a sign in the window at Dean’s about the liquor license application. The new owner is Tombo Enterprises Ltd. The only thing I could find online was a Community Board 8 agenda item—for a liquor-license request—for Tombo Enterprises at 1331 Second Ave. (a.k.a. 233 E. 70th St.), back in 2011. That’s the site of Bottega Restaurant. I can’t tell if Tombo’s application ended up being for Bottega, and the guy who answered the phone there said “Must be a wrong number” and hung up. But I’d bet money that we’re getting a restaurant like Bottega or its sibling, Pane e Vino—the kind of place with a Caprese salad on the menu all year long.

Deans sign



  1. Bottega is the same thing as Gingino or Roc, both of which are great, but the area has reached a point of saturation for that template. How about a mid priced Turkish or Medeterranean restaurant?

  2. I believe the Greek just opened on Greenwich and will address Charango. Looks very cute and casual with a nice menu.

  3. @Katie: It’s actually in a preview phase, probably opening by next week.

  4. Hopefully the name change for Maryann’s will also produce a food quality change.

  5. @Claudine

  6. Has anyone tried Dahlia’s fka Maryanns? Any food improvement?

  7. @Katie: Since only one of the awnings has been changed (the others say MaryAnn’s), I wouldn’t assume anything inside is different.

  8. I hope Maryann’s will finally clean-up the shit show that is their outside seating area along Harrison Street. It looks like my grandfather’s backyard with bikes, tarps, overgrown bushes, plastic chairs…you get the idea.

  9. I thought Dean’s did a brisk delivery and kids/family business and i liked their variety. i agree we don’t need any more cucina rusticas in our hood. Amen to some good Mexican. what ever happened to that Mexican famous chef that was opening near Goldman Sachs / Conrad?!

  10. @Erik S: I think you’re confusing the Mexican restaurant that was thinking of opening at 39 N. Moore (it changed its mind, due to local opposition) with El Vez, the spinoff of a Philadelphia restaurant that’s coming to the space next to Blue Smoke. More on El Vez at

  11. is there any visibility to good Mexican coming to Tribeca?