Seen & Heard: The Butterfly and the Greek

••• The sales office for Sterling Mason—sorry, The Sterling Mason—will be at 459 Washington (between Watts and Desbrosses).

••• New Greek restaurant The Greek is doing preview dinners and should hard-open very soon.

••• The Butterfly is getting ready to spread its wings—I just got invited to a preview on June 19. (They also recently popped a much-needed window into the façade.)

Necessary Clothing Canal Street••• Necessary Clothing has opened on the north side of Canal Street. First GNC, now this. One more relatively nice store and I guarantee we’ll get a trend piece in one of the real-estate publications.

••• Chambers will be closed between W. Broadway and Church on Saturday, June 15.

••• From a reader: “Whatever happened to OB/ Gyn Dr. Austin Chen? She was a fixture for decades in Tribeca and vanished. Her last address was 145 Chambers.” Anyone know?



  1. Dr. Chen either started her fellowship or went straight to doctors without borders.

  2. Austin Chen went to live in Uganda about 2 months ago, I believe.
    Very strange as she never notified any of her patients , just upped and left. No email, no phone call , nothing, which I thought was very odd behavior. I’m a little irritated by it, to be quite frank.

  3. I used to be a patient of Dr. Chen’s. I last saw her in January of this year and she told me she was closing her practice and going to Africa to help out/practice there.

  4. On that note, any other goodOB/Gyn recommends in the area?

  5. @Frances
    Perhaps she did not have up to date contact info as she did send a farewell email in February. I’ve copied the link:

  6. @Kelly: if you don’t mind trekking all the way up to Soho ;-), Soho OB/Gyn is great; at least I think so, been going there for maybe 20 years. They are on West Broadway.

  7. Any menu info for the Greek? Saw the papered over storefront on my way to work the other day and was curious…

  8. @Annika: I went to a preview dinner last week, and the menu was very Greek but much more meat-focused than fish-focused. (There were vegetable options, too—I just mean that it’s not Greek like Thalassa is Greek.)

  9. My daughter is/was a patient of Doctor Chen and has been in contact with her. Dr. Chen says she let all her patients know well in advance that she would be closing her practice and going to Doctors Withour Borders. She says she sent emails and letters to that effect and that patients needed to pick up their files or have their files forwarded. Dr Chen has been an incredible life saving force in our lives and my daughter treasures her and will miss her greatly. She will be incredibly difficult to replace.