Seen & Heard: Pizza Joint Closed by Health Department

••• Lady Gaga is speaking at tonight’s NYC gay pride rally on Pier 26 in Tribeca. It starts at 7 p.m. and it’s free. Remember when she sang at Duane Park restaurant (includes pix)?

photo••• From R.: “Star Pizza on Murray and Church shut down by health department for second time recently.  Hopefully for good this time!”

••• From Manhattan Youth: “We are now serving Blue Marble ice cream in the SKATE building at Pier 25.”

••• My parents are visiting, and yesterday the weather (hot in the afternoon and wet in the evening) forced us to try Uber, the car-finding app that’s always getting written about. Count me among the converted: There were no taxis, but we waited only about five minutes for clean cars with friendly drivers, and the price was reasonable. If you haven’t downloaded the app, I suggest you do it, because there will come a time when you’ll wish you had. And you can get $10 off your first ride if you use this sign-up link: or this invite code: 5ihlj. Yes, I get a kickback, but you don’t pay more as a result, so we all win and what’s wrong with that?

••• Polarn O. Pyret is having a sale; savings up to 50% off.

••• Good news from the LMCCC: “Some of Lower Manhattans oldest utilities and cobblestone streets [at Peck Slip in the Seaport] are now nearly completely rebuilt—two years ahead of schedule. Thanks to coordination by city DDC crews and other agencies, several segments of the Peck Slip Reconstruction project are finished or soon will be.”

••• From the Lilac: “Due to a forecast of stormy rainy weather, the Radio LILAC! marketplace is canceled for this Saturday, June 29.  The ship will be open for tours and viewing the exhibit and Christina will have the ship shop open from 1 to 7 p.m.”

••• Aamanns-Copenhagen is serving “a true Danish brunch” on Sundays starting this weekend.

••• Collect Pond Park is coming along…. If anyone ever sees water in the water feature, let me know.

Collect Pond Park 62713


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  1. I’ve used Uber on occasion for the past year or so — ever since it first became available in NYC, and my experience was very similar. Prompt, good drivers, clean cars — a win-win in my opinion. Will continue to use them whenever it’s necessary. I hope they thrive here.