Blue Bottle Coffee Is Leaving

All Good Things owner Kyle Wittels reports that Blue Bottle Coffee is leaving the market at the end of September. It’s a bummer for lovers of good coffee, but there may yet be an upside: “We are doing the coffee and adding tea, faster service, and espresso to go,” says Wittels. On one hand, it’s another move—along with taking over the bread counter from Orwashers—that positions All Good Things as something along the lines of Dean & Deluca; on the other hand, AGT is clearly still open to partnership: “We’re also going to be collaborating on a juice bar with a New York–based juice company. More hints to come in the future.”



  1. That is sad

  2. It is sad. I love that Blue Bottle. I go to various places for different types of coffee drinks, and for iced Blue Bottle’s New Orleans is a big winner. Iced lattes, too. It’s a bummer that they’re leaving.

    I’m worried that the entire original concept of AGT is going down the drain. I loved Orwasher’s, and BB. If Dickson’s goes now(I certainly hope NOT), it will definitely be much harder to get me into the place. If they do go with more of a Dean and Deluca style concept, they are going to have to fill the place with much more merchandise, or they won’t be able to compete.

  3. The owner of AGT is a psychopath. That’s why both of these companies are packing up their stuff and not renewing their leases. Bad, bad person.

  4. nothing can save that place.if big names like orwashers and blue battle can not make it there…good luck to the not so big will need it!!!!