Loft Peeping: 270 Broadway Penthouse

UPDATE: The photos have been removed at the behest of the architect, who cited the client’s desire for privacy. (The images, however, can still be seen on The Cool Hunter, and the architect’s site, so do go check them out.)

I’ve long wondered who had popped the huge windows into the south side of 270 Broadway (the big office conversion at the southwest corner of Chambers), and thanks to The Cool Hunter, now we know. Well, sort of: We don’t know the clients’ names, but the architect was Steven Harris, whose office is just down the street. “The family showed up, literally, at the doorstep of the celebrated architect and asked if he’d like to work on their home.” Obviously, he said yes: The project had “freedom from budget constraints.” So much so, in fact, that during the renovation, the clients—who have three teenagers—”bought a couple of other apartments in the same building for temporary residence—and had them renovated before move-in, too. Those two apartments are now for sale.”

Jealous yet?

The astoundingly beautiful 8,000-square-foot apartment is on the 27th and 28th floors, with “self-contained guest quarters,”  a “glass-and-teak-beam rooftop pavilion that functions as a recreation room” (with gym, natch). The most dramatic space appears to be the living room, which has an 18-foot-high window: “The room gained its height by necessity because adding the rooftop pavilion took the condominium conversion over its allowable floor area ratio. The team solved this problem by cutting off part of the lower-level ceiling, thus creating the double-height living area.”

And the stairs are wrapped in leather.

Read more of Tuija Seipell’s text here. Many of these are rather large, so for Pete’s sake, click on them.

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  1. It was for this project that that the enire southwest corner of broadway and chambers were wrapped in that awful sidewalk shed for over a year (also at the ph owner’s expense) forcing the “little people” to crawl through the dirty dark and dismal.

    Another expense was the lengthy legal battle with the coop board who rightlfully objected to this extreme alteration to the facade of the building.

    Ahh to be “free of the constraints of a budget”…. such is the life of a South African mining mogul

  2. We have watched this conversion take place from our living room…. I”m psyched to get to see the inside. Thanks Erik!

  3. I find it interesting that both Penthouse B and C were gut renovated by Steven Harris and now on the market.. Coincidence? Probably not…

  4. Thank you. I watched this renovation from our apt from across the park. Truly a showcase place. The double height picture window is mega! Would love to do a deal and buy it from them.