A Broadway Tour

If you like having creative types in the area, you should thank the Fink family, which owns several buildings—189 Franklin and 368, 370, and 373-375 Broadway—that the late Charles Fink (and later his sons, Larry and Jerry) had bought decades ago for his business, Magna Fabrics. (You may recognize the name from the awning that Fink put up on Broadway announcing Magna’s move to New Jersey—he didn’t want people to think it had just disappeared.) The buildings, collectively branded Tribeca Spaces, have housed the offices of all manner of creative types: writers, actors, film producers, artists, photographers, illustrators, axe-makers…. One of the first questions I asked Fink’s grandson, Josh, after he invited me over to poke around was, “Aren’t you tempted to convert them to condos? After all, everyone else is.” But he’s genuinely enthused about all the talent under his roofs—he lights up when he talks about the people who have rented there.

First, we started out on the roof of 373 Broadway, where we got a great look at the Franklin Place construction next door. This photo shows the new building’s façade, more or less left intact (for now) as the interior part gets constructed. (All of these photos get bigger if you click on them.)

Franklin Place facade from 373 BroadwayAnd here’s the new construction (on the left) with the courtyard entrance (on Franklin Place) on the right.

Franklin Place courtyard from 373 BroadwayThen we moved across the street to 370 Broadway, where Josh explained how these fire doors function (I’ve only seen them as decor in lofts): If the rope on the right burns through, the weight will drop—and the door rolls shut.

fire door 370 BroadwayUp on 370 Broadway’s roof, I got a great look down at the building across Cortlandt Alley—with metal shutters for days….

Cortlandt Alley from 370 BroadwayNot to mention a much better glimpse of the penthouse at 84 White, which is hard to make sense of from the street.

84 White penthouse from 373 BroadwayFinally, just for kicks, here’s looking up Broadway. Thanks again, Josh!

Broadway from 373 Broadway


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  1. Thanks for the explanation of how the fire doors work!