In the News: New Bike Lanes Nixed

DOT bike lane plan••• “The city Department of Transportation’s proposal to put bike paths along West Broadway, Varick Street and Church Street was shot down last night in a Community Board 1 vote, calling into question whether the agency will move forward with the project in August, as planned.” That’s because the DOT said at CB1 Tribeca it wouldn’t add the bike lanes if CB1 opposed them. —Tribeca Trib

••• Spring Studios, the big photo studio complex opening in the Verizon building at 50 Varick, nabbed its first fashion show: Calvin Klein. —WWD

••• “[Mayor] Bloomberg announced a request for proposals Wednesday to study the feasibility of his vision to create [“Seaport City,”] a new neighborhood on landfill along the East River from the Lower East Side to Battery Park, in an effort to protect the Sandy-ravaged area from future hurricane storm surges.” —DNAinfo

••• “A 52-year-old man is under arrest for forcibly removing $110 from another middle-aged man.” Another? So much for 50 being the new 40. —Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter

••• An apartment at 51 Walker Street is up 25% since 2011; Manhattan Loft Guy is on the case.

••• “BPCA Board Allocates Funds to Support Free Downtown Shuttle Bus.” —Broadsheet



  1. Oh dear, the recent CB1 full Board meeting on 7/30 showed the Board at its dysfunctional best, especially over the bike lane issue. OK, those of us who live in Tribeca will just have to bike down Varick and West Broadway where cars can reach 50 to 60 mph, changing lanes without warning without the benefit of a bike lane. Thanks guys, the first casualty is on you.

  2. Why nix the bike lanes? Any reason given by CB1? I know everyone I talked to was excited about them.

  3. @Randy: If you click the link to the Tribeca Trib, you’ll find a rundown of the discussion.

  4. The Hudson River Park and numerous Citibike kiosks are Tribeca’s contribution to bike riders in NYC. As one who rides a bike frequently, I appreciate dedicated lanes for safety, but I drive too. Bike riders often do not observe traffic laws, creating problems and danger for pedestrians, drivers and themselves. The City ought to concern itself with enforcing bike traffic first to eliminate the current free for all!