Seen & Heard: New Flower Shop

••• Floral designer Mel Furukawa is opening a shop at 120 Duane. More when it actually blooms…. (And thanks to Alycea Ungaro for the heads up.)

••• As expected, Sunny One Chinese restaurant appears to have closed, in order to make way for Racines NY.

••• Who’s reading at the Pen Parentis literary salon on Sept. 10: Liz Rosenberg, Will Allison, Amy Shearn, and John Jodzio.

••• South African singer Tuelo Minah is singing at a benefit for global peace-building charity Peace Direct on Aug. 14 at Green Spaces. Tickets are $25/$30.

••• Press release: “Compleat Sculptor, a Hudson Square-based sculpture supplier, sculpted three traffic barriers (there are five in total) on the largest of the pedestrian plazas on Varick Street (between Broome and Watts Streets), which fronts Freeman Plaza East, this summer. The artistic labor and tools largely were in-kind donations from Compleat Sculptor, and Hudson Square Connection gave them $5,000 as a grant for the project.” I love that Manhattan has at least one sculpture supplier.

Compleat Sculptor and Hudson Square barrier



  1. Would love to see these are Franklin St! It might make the Citibike ugly a bit easier to tolerate. .

  2. Would love to see these ON Franklin St! It might make the Citibike ugly a bit easier to tolerate. .

  3. It’s about time Tribeca got a boutique flower shop! Cannot wait to stop by when it formally opens.

  4. Who designed and sculpted those? There is no mention of the artist and I would love to find out who.

  5. @Megan: I came so close to asking when I posted this, but for some reason I didn’t. I just emailed the PR rep. Stay tuned….

  6. From the rep: “Sculptor Gina Miccinilli created the work called ‘Lemniscatus.'”

  7. Just sopped by Mr. Furukawa flower shop and got a bay leaf plant! Great addition to the neighborhood!

  8. I heard Dickson’ Farmstand is leaving All Good Things :(