In the News: Battery Park City Chief Resigns Abruptly

demetrios Boutris••• “Gov. Cuomo’s appointee heading the Battery Park City Authority [Demetrios Boutris] abruptly resigned under mysterious circumstances after less than a year at the helm.” —New York Post

••• According to Time Out New York, the Box Kite Coffee café inside Maslow 6 Wine Bar will be around till Oct 15.

••• Manhattan Loft Guy on a recent sale at the American Thread Building: “The listing photos contain a hint of the (to me) most logical reason [for the long time on the market]: every photo that shows a no-detail-spared-renovation that has a window in it (almost all of them) shows the window at an extreme angle or pictures the windows with the shades down. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that a 9th floor ‘light-filled southwest facing’ loft would be (you know) so light filled that you could see what is out the windows. […] Fact is, the single exposure (much more west than south west) faces the narrow St. John’s Lane and the 10-story office building that you can just see to the left (west) of American Thread on the StreetEasy building page. (That ‘L’ shaped building is slated for … (can you guess?) … condominium development.)”

••• The New York Post is outraged that rents are going up at Independence Plaza, and one-bedrooms are being converted to two-bedrooms. (It missed the gym story altogether.) But the article does have a helpful explanation of the different types of renters there.

••• The New York Times visits City Hall restaurant.



  1. I don’t begrudge Henry Meer owner/chef of City Hall and the building it’s in his good fortune in opening a popular restaurant for wealthy, influential diners. But many of us in the neighborhood know him as one of the landlords who tried to screw his longtime tenants with the “phony demolition” scheme to skirt rent stabilization. Until the courts ruled it illegal, this was the most brazen show of contempt for tenants we’ve seen in recent years.

  2. wow, weird things going on at Battery Park City Authority…. Wonder who will take that position next and what they will do with it!

  3. BPCA is a rotten egg. All these VPs who are Albany appointed drawing a Salary of over 200k is well beyond absorption. The salary of the state employees is on a NY State website. On Gov. Cuomo’s website he draws a salary of $187000 pa, than how come in BPCA the VPs draw over 200K. Than on top of it they rope in there own people with at least a salary of over 100k pa without any experience. This place has become a vice of den. The whole place is filled with nepotism and cronyism and needs to be overhauled from Chairman to all VPs.

  4. Yes, the BPCA is corrupt to the core. Isn’t that lovely, the former COO of BPCA with no relevant experience running such an operation is making more than Governor Cuomo?