In the News: Discriminatory Gym Policy Possibly Not as Discriminatory

••• Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, founders of the clothes-sharing site Bib & Tuck, show Refinery29 around their Tribeca. It’s sort of a profile/Q&A/travel piece/photo shoot. Right: By Rus Anson, courtesy Refinery29.

••• Downtown Express says Stellar Management is changing its policy, opening the gym at Independence Plaza North to all tenants—for an annual fee. What remains unclear is whether the market-rate tenants’ rent will include the fee. Seriously?

••• Two thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• “Agent sells 15 Broad Street loft after 3 years with no discount.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “Cocoa Exchange loft at 82 Beaver Street sells for 3rd time in narrow range.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “Children’s Warehouse, a ballet studio for children ages three months to six years, opened its doors at The Club At Gateway, on 375 South End Ave.” —Downtown Express

••• “CB1’s BPC Committee Wants Details about Use of Exhibit Venue” at Pier A. —Broadsheet



  1. If Stellar is changing their prev policy, there was probably something wrong with their bluff to begin with. Charging non-market renters for gym access while not charging market renters might still be discriminatory if, as part of the tax abatement, the subsidized renters cannot be treated diff than market renters (this is usually the arrangement, I believe, unless entrances are separate). Subsidizing entity would enforce this, and hard, since they have little else to do but pay up. Maybe Stellar paid the gym company too much and is trying to recoup, or they maybe they messed up during development and failed to ensure/understand building of separate entrances.

  2. The Independence Plaza Tenant Association contacted Stellar to say that the tenants felt their gym and play room policy was discriminatory. They stated that the announcement that the gym was only for free market tenants was a miscommunication. Stellar asked to have a meeting with members of our Executive Board.

    We met yesterday and gave them a copy of amendments in the law from the New York City Commission on Human Rights to read and review. A discussion followed and we are waiting for their response. We represent all tenants, whether they are free market, Section 8 or LAP. All must be treated equally. – Diane Lapson, President, IPNTA