Seen & Heard: Black Spring

••• 50 Varick, soon to be the home of Spring Studios (in half the building, anyhow), appears to be getting painted black. You didn’t think fashion people would go into a tan building, did you?

••• Speaking of painting: The former White and Church space at 281 Church is getting brightened up. A theory in the comments here.

••• The kitchen at Bouley is still getting majorly renovated. Guess it’s taking longer than a week.

••• And speaking of renovations: Dylan Prime is being thoroughly demolished. (Someone emailed me to ask about this, but now the email is gone. The most recent word is they’re shooting for Oct. 1.)

••• 3-Legged Dog theater group announced its 2013/2014 season.

••• “Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant on Harrison and Greenwich (South East corner) before The Harrison, before Spartina (they served great chicken with mashed potatoes (with the skin) and collards and catfish)?” asked ags on the Tribeca in the 1980s post. KP suggested it might have been How’s Bayou. Anyone have anything to add?

courtesy Naima Rauam••• Artist Naima Rauam is leaving the Seaport, the neighborhood she has lived in and painted for 30 years. She’s having an exhibit (Aug. 28 through Sept. 9) on Pier 17, second floor.

••• From the LMCCC: “Lanes of West Street in Tribeca will be closed in the vicinity of the Holland Tunnel to facilitate removal of an oversized highway sign over the roadway. [Is that the one that says “Thank you for visiting Triburbia”?] Northbound West Street will be closed from Harrison to Canal Street, overnight on Tues. and Wed., August 20th and 21st, starting at 10 p.m. through 5 a.m. Two out of four lanes will be closed during those hours; and from 1 to 5 a.m. there will be 15-minute full closures of northbound West Street.”



  1. The restaurant’s name where the Harrison is was called: How’s Bayou

  2. @Erica: Thanks! I fixed it above. (That was actually what KP had said, but the way it was worded I thought he/she was asking ags if Bayou sounded right.)

  3. Definitely How’s Bayou. Great fried chicken livers with cream gravy for dipping. And Cajun martinis, back before martinis were turned into dessert. (Those weren’t necessarily great, but they packed a wallop.)

  4. I remember once had some amazing chilled cucumber dill soup there.