Seen & Heard: Franklin Street Is Blue

DOT Franklin••• Work has begun on the Department of Transportation’s art project for the block of Franklin in front of Pecan. I know we’re supposed to support artists but that color is hideous and I think the entire plan is wildly misguided and a terrible use of resources.

••• Hand Held Films has left 66 White; it’s now on W. 27th St. That’s a juicy space for someone….

••• September events at Washington Market Park: “Sept. 5, 6 p.m.: Astrograss, a lively acoustic, bluegrass band! Sept. 12, 6 p.m.: Princess Katie and Racer Steve, a high-energy rock band for kids! Sept. 19, 6 p.m.: Brady Rymer and the Little Band that Could, a rockin-roots band that’s fun for the whole family! Sept. 21, 7 p.m.: Washington Market Park will feature the 1984 blockbuster supernatural comedy film, Ghostbusters!” My 18-year-old nephew in California was wearing a Bill Murray shirt the other week, but he had never seen a Murray film. I put Ghostbusters at the top of the list.

••• Fika is now on Seamless.

••• Balloon Saloon is having a summer sale: 50% off pools and pool toys.

••• “I was walking my dog yesterday morning and noticed lots of movement inside the new Mexican restaurant on Vesey,” emailed Tony, referring to El Vez in the Conrad New York. “Upon returning for her evening walk, I noticed what looks like a generator neatly parked by the entrance. I was able to get a quick peek inside. Looked like there’s a lot of work to do. The space looks raw.” Sure makes an October opening sound unlikely. And is a generator normal for this kind of thing? UPDATE: See James’s comment about the machinery.

El Vez El Vez generator



  1. I believe that device outside El Vez is not a generator but a air compressor based on the CFM shown on it. The cubic foot per minutes (CFM) of air will probably be used to break up concrete etc.

  2. What happened to the ShitiBikes?

  3. The blue area on Franklin Street is the base for a wallpaper-like mural that will be stenciled over it. The Citibikes will be reinstalled there once it’s done. This was presented and discussed at the July CB1 Tribeca Committee and reported on by Erik:

  4. I peeked onto El Vez (the work order calls it Havatequila) today and they were jackhammering a serious piece out of the concrete floor. This could take awhile.

  5. The “wallpapering” of Franklin St is finished — if replacing the bikes there is any indication. One of the most misguided ideas anyone’s had in a long, long time. Am hoping copious pedestrian traffic and time will dim the garishness. Nothing’s going to make it attractive. But maybe it’ll become less irritating. Maybe.