A Vroom of One’s Own

Harley croppedI had heard a rumor that a Harley-Davidson store was opening in the old David Z. space at 376 Broadway (southeast corner of White), but there was never any work going on. Then there was work, and a lot of it, so I kept an eye on it. And then, in one of the aforementioned Tribeca Trust PDFs, I saw the rendering above. (Thanks, Tribeca Trust!) I popped my head in and chatted briefly with a gentleman I assume was the owner, because he spoke with great pride of the 18,000-square-foot, three-floor showroom that’s on its way. “With actual motorcycles?” I asked. “Not just T-shirts and mugs and stuff?” He confirmed there will be actual bikes. However, I neglected to ask—possibly because I was afraid of the answer—whether there will also be test drives….

376 Broadway 82213


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  1. This is part of the “Sudden Burst of Residential Activity in an Overlooked Slice of Tribeca” that is outlined in the recent New York Times article of August 27. The retail corridor on Broadway below Canal will be totally transformed in the near future. From a “forgotten area” this will shortly turn into one of New York’s most desirable retail corridors.