Loft Peeping: Gillian Tennant

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Badlands, the Australian creative-services agency (art direction, branding, styling, etc.) of Talisa Sutton and Rohan Peterson, featured the Tribeca loft of fashion designer Gillian Tennant on its blog. The post is mostly about the photos, but we do learn a few things:

••• Tennant lives there with her husband and her dog, Molly.
••• “Our building was a factory for the manufacture of yarn, twine and rope. The space we live in is very untouched—it still has many of its original quirky features (that we love) including wonky timber floors, 16ft wood beam ceilings, exposed brick walls and a very cute cast iron fire escape.”
••• They have a roof terrace, so presumably the loft is on the top floor.
••• “The first thing we did when we moved in was paint every surface white!” She’s not kidding!
••• They made the lights over the dining table themselves.
••• The paper lanterns are from Pearl River Mart. Other local-ish shops mentioned: Polux Fleuriste at All Good Things, Stella, Kiosk, Canvas Home, and Steven Alan Home Shop. And I think Moon River Chattel is the Williamsburg store that I loved and could never remember the name (or the location), so thanks, Gillian!

Click the images below to enlarge. The text was by Talisa Sutton, and the photos courtesy of Gillian Tennant and Badlands. Read the full post here.


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