In the News: Too Much Drywall

••• Did you see this week’s New Yorker cover?

••• “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to endorse a $1 billion extension of PATH service to Newark Liberty International Airport,” which would obviously be handy for Lower Manhattan. —Crain’s

••• Two incidents of cyclists being assaulted, along with wallets and phones being stolen (as per usual), in the Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter.

••• “In a speech Thursday about post-9/11 renewal [in Lower Manhattan], Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to announce an initiative that includes a technology leadership council including local startup executives, venture capitalists and landlords such as TechStars NYC co-founder David Tisch and WeWork founder Adam Neumann. The initiative, dubbed LaunchLM, will also have offices at 55 Broad St. and at least two full-time staff members who will bring together the community though coding events, lectures and blogs.” LOL. “The leadership will also advocate on behalf of the sector for better retail, open space and other services for the neighborhood.” —Wall Street Journal

••• Tumblr founder David Karp thinks that Tribeca has been spoiled by “too much drywall.” So he lives in Williamsburg. —T Magazine

••• The Wall Street Journal says that downtown is no longer Ground Zero.

••• Manhattan Loft Guy digs into a sale at 100 Hudson.

••• “Magnum Real Estate Group is buying the bulk of the huge Verizon Building at 140 West St., just north of the World Trade Center. The property company, whose president is the investor Ben Shaoul, plans to convert the upper portion of the 31-story, roughly 1.8 million-square-foot building into residential condominiums. Verizon, the communications giant that owns the property, will keep the lower 10 floors of the property.” —Crain’s

••• According to a post on Styleforum, men’s store the Armoury—in the old Working Class space on Duane—is trying to open by the end of the year. Haven’t seen any work going on, though….

••• “The Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School celebrated its inaugural first day of school with a breakfast and ribbon cutting ceremony Monday morning.  Located in the Murry Bergtraum Campus at 411 Pearl Street, the innovative career and technical education school is the brainchild of a partnership between the National Park Service and the Department of Education.” —Broadsheet

••• Time-lapse video on 1 World Trade Center going up. —Atlantic Cities



  1. How many residential units will the Verizon Building contain and the old St. John’s building? I bet the number of kids who will reside in just those two buildings will require their own school. This is getting more and more dire every day.

  2. Also add the condos under construction at the top of the nearby Woolworth Tower, as well as those under way 40 Story tower at 5 Beekman, 63 Story at 50 West , 90 Story Four Seasons at 30 Park Place, the 88 story 56 Leonard, the new condo behind Trinity Church and all of the recently announced condo conversions on Broadway north of Chambers! Don’t forget the rentals under way at the 46 story 120 Fulton containing 450 apartments, the 88 story 22 Thames also with 450 apartments,, the 777 unit 70 Pine and the 157 unit 113 Nassau, More are bound to be announced as FiDi blooms with the upcoming completion of the WTC, two train stations, the new Seaport, Governors Island and more than 1 Million sf of new retail. The city needs to get more school space and fast!

  3. First – THANK GOD for drywall. Any chance we can drywall over the bridges, tunnels and ferries so Karplr has to stay in Williamsburg?

    Second – What are you worried about? No parent in the world would move into a neighborhood with overcrowded schools! (giggle, giggle, snort, snort) I am sure school space will be freeing up once all of those parents finally move out to the suburbs to give their stunted-growth children an unHobbit-like bedroom and backyard.