Seen & Heard: Free Broadway Concert

••• The Conrad New York hotel invited Adam and me for dinner at its restaurant, Atrio, since there’s a new chef, Antonio Cardoso. It’s a bit of a secret restaurant, given that it’s not at street level, and I still think (as I did when I first went) that it’s one of the most relaxing places to dine around here, because tables are nicely spaced and it’s not cacophonous (although you do hear the chefs at work in the open kitchen). We told the charming Cardoso we’d place ourselves in his hands, eating whatever he wanted to serve us from the new fall menu. Highlights included the grilled Portuguese octopus with almond romesco and lemon chips, the ahi tuna tartare, the housemade duck rillette, and the butternut squash ravioli in pine nut brown butter. And I as very pleased to see that prices, at least at dinner—feel much more in line with the quality of the food and the civilized feeling of the restaurant. Anyway, if you crave a grown-up meal without hubbub, check it out. Here’s the fall dinner menu, and here’s the lunch menu, which kick off Monday.

••• Press release: “Broadway on the Hudson concert will take place on Friday, September 27, from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Brookfield Place Waterfront Plaza. The free outdoor concert will feature performances from nearly a dozen Broadway shows. Participating shows to date include: Annie, Chicago, Newsies, Pippin, and Spider-Man.” (The list is much longer but I edited it.)

••• The Battery Park City Block Party is Saturday, Sept. 28, from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

••• Have you sent in a photo or video yet for the Smitten Films homage to Tribeca? No excuses! Email; fine print is here.

••• Interesting comment from Robert Ripps on that parking post: “The public garage pictured above on N. Moore used to be an FBI (I believe) garage, where they modified new cars for government use (and took the occasional high speed test run around the block) before they moved out maybe 20 years ago.”

••• Tony Larsen sent over a pic of the cell-phone charging station at Pier 25.

cellphone charging station Pier 25 by Tony Larsen



  1. That Atrio menu is still too expensive for me to make an effort to eat there. Too bad. I like quiet, comfortable restaurants.

  2. I love how Dbag Torkells brags “I was invited” to dinner…

  3. @Gregg: That was my way of indicating dinner was comped. Too subtle? (We insisted on paying for our own drinks, I should mention.)

  4. I love how Dbag “Gregg Ho-bag” is a Dbag…

  5. Food at Atrio was very good. Not too expensive by comparative standards either. would recommend

  6. Way too west for these prices. Try again.

  7. Pot calling the kettle “Dbag”?

  8. Ooooh, an idiom insult…how novel.

  9. Actually, Smithers, I wasn’t referring to you, but to Gregggg. I am glad you are defensive about your own Dbaggishness, however. It shows a healthy sense of self.

  10. all this name calling…..what give’s?? so, what am I??
    I still would like to know of what ever happened to the light show that was suppose to happen this summer on the east river……… shooting from the roof tops and all……??? were did all that money go???

  11. @darcy: The guy at the EDC who presented the idea to CB1 never responded to my inquiry about it.

  12. Dbaggishness…how novel.