Seen & Heard: Gourmet Garage Rumors

••• I’ve heard from two unrelated sources that Gourmet Garage is coming to Tribeca; one said it was taking over the Amish Market. (This after Fairway announced plans for a market on Greenwich!) But Gourmet Garage CEO Andy Arons says it ain’t so, or at least not yet: “We are looking in Tribeca but to date do not have a space. It is at the top of our list of new city areas for locations that we are scouting. We usually have a few negotiations going at once as they tend to fall through more often than not.”

••• The NYPD’s First Precinct Community Council Meeting would be a good place to raise questions as to why in the hell the NYPD was nowhere to be found when a thousand bikers terrorized Greenwich Street. (But if a union schedules a protest at City Hall, they send the entire force….) It’s Thursday, Oct. 24, at 6:30 p.m. at the precinct house at Ericsson and Varick.

••• The plywood is down at Terra, the wine bar/restaurant being opened (next to Pécan) by the folks behind Aria in the West Village.

Seasonal Whispers kale party••• There’s a kale party at Seasonal Whispers (the one up on W. Broadway) tonight.

••• From Friends of Washington Market Park: “Today Bloomingdales SoHo is offering a 20% discount for Friends and Family, and they will contribute 10% of receipts to The Friends of Washington Market Park. Just mention the park at check-out!”



  1. Gourmet Garage, Trader Joe’s,Fairway….please come to battery park city. We are desperate. We have 2 vile gristedes (which are actually more expensive on most items than whole foods) and no other options in the neighborhood!!!

  2. Can somebody explain the concept behind Gourmet Garage? Isn’t it just a high end bodega? I have been to the one in SoHo and while it sort of works there I don’t really “get” why it would exist in a neighborhood with other grocery options (like Tribeca).

  3. yes, I was wondering the very same that sunday afternoons with the sidwalks full of families with young children held hostage at the intersection of Chambers and Greenwich aghast at the viciously loud and dangerous biker stampede that ran over sidewalks and through about ten rounds of stoplights…. It was a hostile macho theater of a bunch of bikers looking for trouble…. Were the cops held up at brunch?

  4. Does anyone know if this motorcycle incident on Greenwich St. Is related to the melee that happened later in the day on the West Side highway?

  5. that’s where they were headed, up westside highway in their noisy swarm….
    put two and two together? Lots of folks took iphone pix…..

  6. and during all that time the police were no where to be found. It is mind boggling.

  7. One would think some cleaver detective could actually make a few ID matches if given the incentive, yes?

  8. If the NYPD’s 1st Pct Community Council Meeting is being held on Oct 24, can the TriBeCa Citizen ask why so many personal cars and not NYPD cars sit in reserved spaces? How many spaces are reserved for NYPD cars anyway?