Seen & Heard: Terra Wine Bar Has Soft Opened

••• An early report on Terra, the new wine bar at Franklin and W. Broadway, from I.: “My husband and I stopped in at Terra Wine Bar Friday night. They were having a very, very soft opening with a reduced menu (mostly cold dishes) because their kitchen wasn’t up and running yet. I am pleased to report that it was very good. The place looked fabulous (great renovation and reorganization of space). The vibe was great and the staff was very friendly and well trained. We had a long talk with the owner, Roberto Passon, who was so excited about his new venture especially the Tribeca location. I have high hopes for this place!”

••• Coming up at Masters & Pelavin: “The first solo exhibition by fine art and fashion photographer, Billy Kidd. The show, Transience, presents large-format photographic prints of Kidd’s elegant black-and-white female nudes juxtaposed with the artist’s lush saturated images of equally elegant—but dying—flowers.” Oct. 24-Dec. 7.

••• Seaport restaurant Barbalu (from half of the Barbarini crew) tweeted that it might open as soon as this Friday.

••• Lyons Den Power Yoga sent out an email saying it’ll open in November.

••• @MMDeVoe of Pen Parentis tweeted that Turkish fast-food bakery Simit + Smith in FiDi soft-opened yesterday (at 100 William).

••• From the Port Authority: “Starting Monday, October 7th 2013, the Vesey Street Pedestrian Bridge will no longer be accessible to the public.  The Port Authority of NY & NJ  in conjunction with New York State Department Of Transportation will commence the deconstruction of the bridge at this time. The Port Authority of NY & NJ will be providing Pedestrians Managers and Traffic Enforcement Agents to help assist with the crossing of West Street during phase 1.”

••• Fredrik Eklund tweeted that sales have started at 11 N. Moore.

••• Happy hour at the Butterfly. What is the thing where her left leg should be? A megaphone?




  1. She does look a bit like an old school cheerleader, but shouldn’t she have an “M” for martini on her sweater?? Is it just me or does the megaphone also look a bit like her bright yellow artificial limb just fell off. Also, interesting to note that her leg, ankle sock and sweater are all the same color.

  2. It’s an utter and blatant Photoshop-fail. The Butterfly is obviously trying to equate the perfection of a fair skinned red head with perfect quads and an impressive vertical jump (ups) to the simplicity and value of drinking a $4 draft beer. It’s disgusting…to think that I will soooo be promptly there at 4pm in the hopes of finding such a fair maiden to share the 1/2 priced oysters and a $10 specialty cocktail or two or five…as we giggle our way until the witching hour of 7 o’clock. Please don’t tell my wife….or daughter.

  3. Went to Terra tonight for apps and a drink. The place was pretty empty and two of us sat at the communal table at the bar. For some reason they were sitting patrons directly across from us, even though literally almost every table and the adjacent communal table was empty. They did this twice, it was very awkward for us and for the other patrons.

    The apps were okay, we left because one of the waitstaff or maybe he was a manager kept coughing every time he walked by us.

  4. Oh Terra Nono! Communal tables? Who the flip EVER came up with that idea? Who goes out to pay for dinner to sit with complete idiot, excuse me, strangers? Yeah, noooooo one! Communal tables are the most idiotic idea evvvvvvver! Do we really want to relive our childhood school lunch hour? That’s a big f**king NO, restaurant people. IMHO.

  5. She’s jumping and her right leg is kicked up behind her. You can see the shoe.
    Jim, I think you may be reading too much into this…

  6. But is it a megaphone? Or — this being the Butterfly — a lava lamp?