Seen & Heard: Church Publick Is Opening Tonight or Tomorrow

••• The rebranding of the Bigger Little Place is taking place: The awning now reads Mariachi’s in big Gothic lettering.

••• Yesterday, a woman outside of Church Publick, in the old Mocca space at Church and Reade, said the restobar was aiming to open tonight. A man outside today said tomorrow was more likely (but in a way that sounded like it might actually soft-open tonight).

••• I hear that Tribeca Canvas is reopening next week (and I saw furniture being moved in this afternoon).

••• A Laight Street resident commented that “Someone mentioned to me they saw dentist chairs being delivered Pearline Soap Factory.” And C. emailed: “I asked the contractor the other day and he said “dentist office.” Makes sense.

••• Something labeled as Moonquake is shooting around Warren on Wednesday. I couldn’t find anything online that fits except a production company.

••• The Butterfly is on Seamless.

••• “Looks like the sidewalk is going in on chambers and Hudson/W. Broadway,” emailed Bob with this pic. Can you blame him for being excited?

Chambers construction by Bob

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  1. Moonquake is the new ANNIE starring the girl from Southern Beast and Jamie Foxx. I heard that Cameron Diaz is playing Miss Hannigan!

  2. For those who worry about changes at Mariachi’s: don’t. Alberto finally bought out his silent partner, so it’s all hands-on ownership now.