In the News: Photos of 4 World Trade Center

••• Photos of 4 World Trade Center (including the one above). —The Real Deal UPDATE: Do see alee’s photos, in the comments below! Also, how come everyone but me gets to go to the WTC site?

••• “A notice posted in the Southbridge Towers apartment buildings on Saturday informed residents about a sexual assault that occurred behind the complex’s dumpsters. […] After the individuals were asked to leave the grounds, the woman reportedly told security she had been attacked, the notice said.” —DNAinfo

••• The funky skyscraper planned for 80 South Street is indeed moving forward. —YIMBY (via Curbed)

••• Retirement community Childcare chain Bright Horizons has rented 11,000 square feet at Brookfield Place. —Crain’s

••• The Little Gym (for kids), at Hudson and Ericsson—where Pompanoosuc Mills was—has opened. —HRP Mamas Update: See N’s comment below.

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  1. I was inside of 4 WTC and a few other areas of the construction site about a month ago. Some more photos here:

  2. Little Gym is still under construction. Passed by today. Not sure why it’s advertising being opened? Delays, perhaps?