In the News: Take That, Banksy

pug peeing on Banksy art Via socialstreger••• No, this is not my Howard. —Daily Intelligencer (photo via @socialstreger)

••• The New York Times reviews Khe-Yo and mostly likes it. Also of note, the critic gives a shout-out to Mangez Avec Moi: “After 4 p.m., the chef, Jeannie Ongkeo, sends out a short Lao menu.” This must be new since we last heard it was an advance-notice only affair. “Her papaya salad hummed with fresh chilies and fermented seafood, and her nam kao, a crispy rice salad with shredded coconut, had a taut balance of hot, sour, salty and sweet. My favorite was ‘or stew,’ a murky bowl of slippery mushrooms and eggplant cooked with Kaffir lime, lemon grass and branches of fresh dill. It was the first time I’ve tasted flavors quite like it, but I hope not the last.”

••• “The ‘pedestrian managers’ who have shepherded school children, parents with babies in strollers and the handicapped across half a dozen dangerous intersections in Lower Manhattan since 2009 will be gone in 12 weeks, unless funding for the program is renewed.” —Broadsheet

••• Priorities: “A stroller-toting mom who used her 1-year-old son as cover during a massive candy shoplifting spree at a downtown Duane Reade [at 100 Broadway] used the tot’s pram as a battering ram when workers confronted her—and then ran away without the baby, the NYPD said.” —DNAinfo

••• FiDi Fan Page: “There are currently 18 Hotels open in FiDi. By my count there are now 20 others under construction/development. The latest to begin is the 39-story dual hotel at 215 Pearl Street that will be built directly behind the Sheraton Four Points at 6 Platt. The lower half will be a Courtyard by Marriott and the upper half a more upscale”—all things being relative…—”Marriott Residence Inn. The construction workers told me construction begins in 30 days!”

••• “A 37-year-old worker [at new FiDi kosher steakhouse Reserve Cut] was stabbed in the gut by another staffer Tuesday at 5 p.m.” Trayf alert! —New York Post

••• Cool outdoors-ish brand Aether opens on Crosby Street today. Which is good to know, because over the weekend, Adam and I felt like dorks, pulling futilely on the door and wondering why it was locked when the posted hours indicated it should’ve been open. —Racked



  1. Idiot. I would be so embarrassed to photograph my dog pissing anywhere except off the curb, as if he did something meaningful. She is trying to reconcile in her head how this is thoughtful, but forgets that it is just a dog with no intent to make a statement tethered to an owner focused on capturing the meaningless pee as if it was important. Curb your dog lady.

  2. Bigger idiots standing there and filming it and giving this woman anything but a smack in the head. It’s still a picture of the Twin Towers. People are so moronic. You should be very proud of yourself Lady! i am repulsed by this photo on so many levels!

  3. I blame Bansky. bad placement for this piece. he should have thought ahead, there are thousands of dogs in this city. this’s an odd place to paint anything, especially twin towers.

  4. You are all worried about attracting a bad crowd from the criminal court when you’ve got a non-stop parade of morons taking pictures of this Banksy crapsy. Where’s the city or CB-1 and why aren’t they demanding the building’s owner clean it up? Staple Street is looking really bad these days.