Seen & Heard: Matt Bernson Sample Sale

••• Neat video of Dana Tanamachi drawing a labor-of-love mural on a wall in Tribeca. The back story is here. It’s on the second floor at Trinity Grace Church on Murray, “which we use as a co-working space for artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers who have a vision for advancing the common good,” says TGC’s Michael Rudzena.

••• Anyone know what’s going on at 68 Thomas (left)? Looks like a very thorough renovation.

••• Matt Bernson‘s sample sale is Oct. 24-27 at 129 Grand. Will mention times when I learn them.

••• Reade Street Animal Hospital says it’ll be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Oct. 31 from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. If other businesses want to comment when they’ll be doing it (or email me at, I’ll add it here.

••• Someone put pug-pee-preventing plastic over the Banksy artwork on Staple. Kind of goes against the spirit of the artwork, no? (Thanks to @JMSeabrook for the photo.)

••• This is no one’s definition of Tribeca but I still thought it was worth noting: “Located on Elizabeth Street between Prince and Spring Streets the Elizabeth Street Garden, which thanks to a community group of neighbors and business owners has recently become more accessible, will be hosting their first ever Harvest Festival on Sunday, October 20th from 12-4pm. This FREE event is open to the public and invites friends and neighbors to enjoy a day full of food, fun, and activities.”

Elizabeth Street Garden



  1. Hi Erik,
    We will of course be giving out candy on Halloween beginning at 3pm. Watch for our second annual “Guess how many pieces we purchased” contest beginning next week!

  2. I would like to personally thank whomever (the Landmarks Preservation Commission?) acted so fast in plexi-protecting this perfectly tasteful depiction of the exact moment when Tower 1 was struck on 9/11 while also ensuring that the pug urine-stained wall is sealed for the ages, so that generations hence can properly pay tribute to those under the age of 18 who can’t buy spray paint in the city. I actually think Banksy might be my mother – she was always using stencils to paint borders around the living room. Mom, is that you?