Seen & Heard: Playing in the Streets

••• Feeling these rope mats at Made Fresh Daily on Front Street.

••• Franklin Place, the building under construction on Broadway between Franklin and White, is coming along. Right: How it looks from Franklin Place (where the entrance will be—remember, the building is set back off the street). It appears to have around nine more stories to go.

••• I saw that kid and doorman playing catch again this morning—tempted to take a photo, except that I’m afraid the parent(s) will come out and lynch me. Anyway, the initial mention brought this lovely reminiscence from Jake, who grew up in Tribeca (and was born in 1989):

I remember not long ago when I was just a tot myself, playing football up and down Harrison, Duane, Franklin, and Greenwich (before the sidewalk expansion). I remember building an igloo with friends in the middle of the intersection at Franklin and Varick during the blizzard of ’96—yikes! (Thankfully it took about a week before we saw any plows down here). During a different storm my dad and I threw snowballs over the wall into the Con Ed plant, until finally one of the guys came on the intercom and yelled “OUCH!” I know somewhere out there is a videotape of a friend and me lying belly down on skateboards as we raced down the sidewalk of N. Moore from Hudson to West. Tony and Pops, the two Greek guys who ran the hotdog cart garage the neighborhood fought so hard to get rid of, came out and stuffed coins in my blanket for good luck the day my mother brought me back from the hospital. We lived next door, and as I grew up they used to always make me come inside and get a grape soda from their refrigerator. There were also weekends spent planting Finn Square with my family and neighbors, nights we took food to the rescue mission on White, or brought something to Harry and his beagle, who slept most nights atop the loading docks on Franklin.

••• Drilling at 101 Murray, where something big is coming.

••• I think I saw restaurant venting being installed on Warren the other day, alongside 261 Broadway—and there’s an empty storefront with signage touting it as a possible restaurant…. The smart money says Subway.

••• From NotifyNYC: “A moored balloon will be launched over 80 South Street to obtain photos for a building survey operation (weather permitting). The allowable window for the balloon launch begins Tuesday, October 22, until Sunday, December 1. Please note that the launch will only take place on approximately three or four days during the allowable window (two hours/day during daylight hours). The balloon will be flown at an altitude of approximately 950 feet and is approximately the size of a common weather balloon.”

••• From the NYPD’s 1st Precinct Community Council: “District Attorney Cy Vance is going to attend the 1st Precinct Community Council. The upcoming meeting is Thursday, Oct. 24, 6:30 p.m. at the 1st Precinct (Varick and Ericsson).

••• If you were worried your child didn’t have enough ways to celebrate Halloween, fear not! “On Sunday October 27 from 12pm to 6pm, Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 transforms into Halloween Central! Hudson River Park’s Halloween Kidz Karnival”—intentional misspelling is not acceptable—”features many fun-filled attractions including: face painting, mask decorating, wax hands, spin art, cotton candy, rides and more that will keep you in the Halloween spirit all day long. [And] The Story Pirates will perform Halloween-themed improv shows for children and adults of all ages throughout the day. Some activities are free, select activities will cost $2 per ticket.”

••• Speaking of Halloween, Jaime Viñas’s poster for the Washington Market Park festivities is reliably good. Also, Roz at Shoofly says the shop will be giving away candy to trick-or-treaters on Sunday (during the Friends of Washington Park festivities) and on Halloween proper.




  1. I am sure the drilling at 101 Murray is related to the sale of the St. John’s campus to a developer. I’d like to know what the air rights are and how high of a building the developer could build.

  2. @Ben: It definitely is about the sale of that plot—I meant to link to this post (and have now): Still not sure how many floors 370,000 square feet translates to, though.