Big Rental Building Coming to Hudson Street

275 hudsonYou know that long, single-story, brick building on Hudson, between Canal and Spring? Where Ace Gallery and Skylight Studio were? It’s gone.

Which shouldn’t be a surprise, since we had heard back in April that plans were afoot. The Department of Buildings website, where it’s listed as 261 Hudson, says that the developer is Related, and the architect is Ismael Leyva; the building will be 12 stories with 220 apartments (although the forms also say 201 in one spot), with retail, a “community facility,” and a leasing office on the ground floor (so, like Related’s big new building at 460 Washington, it’s rentals). The DOB site also says “Development Challenge Process is pending Zoning Approval,” which may be why nothing is happening there right now.

The plot is huge—26,704 square feet, if I’m reading the DOB site right—going through to Renwick. There’s no rendering posted on the construction fence yet.

One question: Where will they drink?

The view, over the construction fence, from Renwick.

261 Hudson from Renwick

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  1. The Battery Parkification of Tribeca continues unabated… :)
    Smithers – do you have any witty comments to add?

  2. Sounds like the city and the community needs to form commissions or boards to better plan for the present and future needs of its residents and prevent them from being overcrowded and underserved. Proactive and not reactive. Until our tiny brains evolve to the point we are able to figure out how that is done or would work, we’ll just have to settle for the wild frontier of incompetence, corruption, wasted money and wasted time. Oh yeah, and overgrown and wild medians!!
    Cough, cough, cooooough. Sorry, I was choking on my own bile of sweet sarcasm.
    Anyway, that’s north of Canal. It’s too dangerous to cross Canal or even think about crossing into that hinterland. Stay safe, stay warm, STAY IN TRIBECA!!!

  3. Sounds like its north of canal?

  4. @Hy: Yes, it’s between Canal and Spring.

  5. Yes, it’s technically just North of Tribeca.. but let’s face it, pretty much the same neighborhood. We’ll certainly all be fighting for the same parking spots! ;)

    There seems to be have been a big push to get these big rental buildings approved and up before the development friendly Bloomberg administration was out of power… Or perhaps it is simply a function of ever escalating real estate prices making any development at all seem like a “no brainer”

    It definitely changes the feeling of the neighborhood… just needs to be a better balance or we will lose everything that made us move here in the first place.