Seen & Heard: Flywheel Opening Soon?

••• Get rid of your pennies! The penny drive is happening next week. Genevieve Lynch of Mulberry & Vine explains: “My youngest daughter goes to Village Community School. They have an annual penny harvest the proceeds of which go to non-profit Common Cents. From there, boards of kids and supervising adults decide where the money should be granted. Last year the Penny Harvest brought in over $730,000 and grants were given to local organizations including women’s shelters, animal rights organizations, community gardens and senior centers. We’ll be collecting pennies for the Penny Harvest at Mulberry & Vine from Tuesday, Nov. 19, through Thursday, Nov. 21. Only pennies, please! Any other change will be donated to the for-profit Mulberry & Vine.”

••• Did you see this comment (purportedly) from the mother of Robert Collins, the well-regarded GM of Lure Fishbar who’s working on opening a restaurant in the Churrascaria Tribeca space? Mom comments are the best. And it’s a good rule of thumb when you’re about to post a comment: How will the subject’s mother feel if she sees it?

••• The next NYPD 1st Precinct Community Council meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the station house at Varick and Ericsson. (The email included tips to avoid identity theft, but maybe the next one should be about phone theft—reading the police blotters makes it seem like a real problem.)

••• The ARChive of Contemporary Music’s annual holiday sale is Dec. 7-15.

••• Sounds like Flywheel Sports is in a pre-opening VIP phase, judging from this tweet. (They haven’t returned my email, and you know how I feel about that.) UPDATE: I just peeked over the paper and maybe they’re riding in the basement? Because the ground floor looked nowhere close.

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  1. A comment from a proud mother is a lovely thing, of course. But I’m still taken aback by a $50 plate of Dover Sole.