Seen & Heard: The Seaport’s Ice Rink

••• Thanks to Hudson River for a photo of the Seaport’s ice rink, which is now open. Do those white globes remind anyone else of “The Prisoner”?

••• Also: The Ice Rink at Brookfield Place is set to reopen this morning at 10 a.m.; it had to close for resurfacing after the storm.

••• From Imelda McCain of Playing Mantis: “I am putting together a fundraising evening for my countrymen who lost their loved ones, their homes and are holding on to a bit of dignity and a sliver of hope. Collectively with talented people and friends, we are able to give them some hope as we raise funds for healing and rebuilding. I am inviting you, your family and friends for this evening. I hope you can join us on December 1. The event will be between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. There will be a silent auction and 100% of the profit will be donated to the victims of typhoon Haiyan. I always tell my son Lucas, ‘There is more receiving in the process of giving’… and this idea that is evolving into a gathering of charitable spirits only proves this sentiment.” It’s tomorrow (Sunday) night; click on the image or this link for the details.

••• Still no guesses for Where in Tribeca…? This could be your chance!

••• And thanks again to Hudson River—reader of the week!—for sending in photos of the reopened Chase Manhattan Plaza. “No major changes that I could tell,” reports HR. “There is a new staircase on the Nassau Street side, and a ramp on Pine Street, but that may have been there before. There are planters blocking the tops of some of the stairs.”

Chase Manhattan Plaza staircaseChase Manhattan Plaza rampChase Manhattan Plaza plantersChase Manhattan Plaza upperChase Manhattan Plaza lower



  1. I believe this building is up for sale…

  2. We walked by the WFC ice rink (sorry Brookfield, but it’s going to be like “Avenue of the Americas”, at least for me) around 3 PM and the surface still looked liquid and the rink was not open.

  3. It wasn’t open last night.

    The Seaport one was supposed to be open by now. It’s bigger.

    They still haven’t changed all the signs so I figure it’ll be WFC for years.